Announcing System Update 2021

Update. Expand. Refresh your mainframe with System Update 2021, coming in December 2020!

System Update 2021 is a set of over 70 unique cards from existing sets, designed as the perfect follow-up purchase for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the game after experiencing System Gateway. It will also complement System Gateway as the new foundation for the Standard format, in place of the rotating System Core 2019.

Experienced Runners and Corps may recall that previous core sets, such as System Core 2019, were designed as self-contained introductory sets. Since the upcoming System Gateway will fulfill the role of an introductory product, System Core no longer needs to fit that niche. We’ve therefore redesigned it to be a smaller rotating set intended to complement System Gateway and curate the Standard format. With such a major alteration to the product vision, it followed that we ought to rename it accordingly—thus, System Update was born.

System Update 2021 consists entirely of pre-existing cards, each reprinted in NISEI style with new art, frames, templating, and iconography. The release of System Gateway, this set’s companion product, will trigger the rotation of the SanSan Cycle and Honor and Profit, so extra care was taken to select classic cards from those expansions to preserve in System Update 2021.

System Update 2021 will be released alongside System Gateway in early December 2020. It will be available via our print-on-demand partners and as a free print-and-play.

Upon its release, System Update 2021 will immediately become legal in the Standard format, replacing System Core 2019. Coupled with the Standard rotation triggered by the release of System Gateway, this will ensure an exciting new Standard scene beginning in late 2020!

The arms race between sysops and runners never ends, each side striving for an edge. All bets are off when the battlefields of cyberspace roil with a new System Update.

Product names are not yet finalized and are subject to change.