Announcing System Gateway

“What am I feeling right now?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. There was sweat beading on my neck. My mouth felt dry no matter how much I tried to wet it. The old cushion under me was lumpy and tattered. The cable between my fingers was warm.

“Like I’m about to jump out a damn hopper a thousand feet up with no chute,” I smirked nervously towards the holo hovering before me. Jericho’s face smiled up at the console on my desk like a proud parent. “You sure this is safe?”

“Running? Hell no,” he cackled back. “But there’s a whole ‘nother world on the other side of that cable. Full of magic, and wonder, and myster–”

“And money,” I cut in as I raised the jack to my neck.

“And money,” he assured.

NISEI is proud to announce the upcoming release of our learn-to-play set, System Gateway, coming in December 2020!

There are 73 brand-new cards in System Gateway, all designed for both simplicity and power and featuring all-new art. 

System Gateway is the first NISEI product to be released in two complementary parts:

  • System Gateway: Starter Decks is a fully playable box containing one Runner deck and one Corp deck. The Starter Decks offer an out-of-the-box experience designed to teach two players how to play Netrunner. Each System Gateway: Starter Decks box comes with an additional 10 cards per deck to enhance play after learning the ropes.
  • System Gateway: Deck Building Pack is a companion product containing extra copies of the cards featured in the Starter Decks, plus a smattering of additional new cards to open up deck building to a new player looking for more—including a new identity card for each faction. You only need to purchase one copy each of the Starter Decks and the Deck Building Pack to have a full playset of each card in System Gateway.

Whether you are learning how to play Netrunner for the first time or you are looking for hot new tech to bring to your next game night, you are sure to find exciting new cards in System Gateway.

Both System Gateway products will be released in all supported languages in early December 2020. They will be available via our print-on-demand partners and as a free print-and-play.

Upon release, System Gateway will be immediately legal in the Standard and Eternal formats, with a two-week grace period before becoming legal at competitive-level events. System Gateway’s release will also trigger a rotation for the Standard format: Honor and Profit and the SanSan Cycle will no longer be legal in Standard.

Keep your eyes on for System Gateway preview articles starting three weeks before its release. There will be previews of cards as well as resources on how to use System Gateway to teach new players or learn with it yourself.

It doesn’t matter how many servers you crack, or how many creds you make—you never forget your first run. Jack in with System Gateway.

Product names are not yet finalized and are subject to change.


  • Olive Wesley

    One of the co-founders of NISEI, Olive acted as Rules Manager and Associate Designer until September 2021. She is a game designer from Seattle, Washington.