Apply to Run a 2024 National Championship

The Organized Play team is excited to announce the 2024 National Championships! Get ready to square up against the best runners and sysops in your country in pursuit of the title of National Champion! 

Like Circuit Openers, National Championships are run by local organizers, but are considered more prestigious tournaments due to their limited distribution and Competitive tier status. 

Like last year, we will be approving more than one application to run a National Championship for countries of a certain size. Even if your city was selected last year, you should still apply. To read more details on which countries will receive multiple kits, see below. 

Organizers can use this link to apply for a Nationals Kit. Once applications close, after February 20, Organized Play will review the submissions and select one or more per country. Approved organizers will be sent an email with instructions, and will be given one week after that to complete their purchase of the prize kit. After all purchases are complete, our supplier will pack and ship the kits, which will take approximately 4-5 weeks.

Applications are open until February 20th.

If a member of NSG applies to run their country’s National Championship, their application will be reviewed by senior leadership instead of Organised Play. Anyone within Organized Play or senior leadership will recuse themselves from reviewing applications if they have a personal stake in an event or a specific application.

Kit Contents

Based on last year’s Nationals attendance numbers, we have increased the size of the Nationals kit to support 40 players and we have removed the boosted kit. 

Inside each kit you will find the following:

If you expect that this prizing is insufficient for the size of the event you plan on running, please mention how many people you expect to attend in your application and we can discuss additional prizing.

Applications for these kits will close three weeks after this announcement, on February 20th. The kit will cost $90 USD (€83.18 per exchange rate on January 30th). These prices include free worldwide shipping.

Prize Structure

Events are expected to follow the Prize Structure outlined below.

Prize Structure

  • Winner: Invitation to the Circuit Breaker Invitational Championship, free ticket to this year’s World Championship (or any of the following two World Championships), and National Champion Plaque
  • Top 4: Asmund Pudlat playmat
  • Top 8: 3x Metal Nationals ‘24 branded dice
  • Top 16: 3x alt-art Joy Ride
  • Top 40: 3x alt-art Wall to Wall

The kit also contains six playsets of Stargate. These cards can be used as side-event prizes, door prizes, in raffles, or anything else at the organizer’s discretion. 

Each kit contains additional playsets of Stargate, Joy Ride and Wall to Wall, plus three additional metal dice and an additional Asmund Pudlat playmat for the tournament organizer to keep or distribute as they please.

Tournament organizers may collect an entry fee to cover the cost of the kit (and venue hire, where applicable). Organizers are actively encouraged to supplement the prizes with other prizes sourced from Game Night Kits or artists and creators in the wider Netrunner community. Players should log on to to find details of Nationals events in their country.

Countries with Multiple Nationals

We will have multiple events for countries with large populations of players. The United States will receive up to 3 kits, Australia will receive up to 2 kits, and Canada will receive up to 2 kits. Additional Nationals kits for other countries will be considered based on declared interest and perceived size of the playerbase. 

Multiple events will only be approved subject to us receiving sufficient viable applications to run them: these countries are not automatically guaranteed to have the maximum number of events. We will also be considering whether the different applications are taking place in venues sufficiently removed from each other geographically that it would allow more players to attend.

In the case of countries with multiple Nationals levels events, all National Championships will be events of equal standing and winners will each hold the title of National Champion for that country and receive the same prizes.

Event Restrictions

2024 Nationals must be run in the Standard Format. No other formats are acceptable for this event kit. Please do not apply for a kit if you are unable to run the event in Standard.

The 2024 National Championships are sanctioned Competitive tier events for the purposes of the Organized Play Policies. This means you are expected to follow the given prize structure, and the tournament structure outlined in the policies for Competitive tier events. You are also expected to advertise your event on

Purchasing this kit means you are obliged to run a 2024 National Championship. Buying a kit to either keep for yourself or to resell undermines the spirit of these competitions and the legitimacy of the prizes which other players had to enter and place in a tournament to win. Excepting extenuating circumstances, not using your kit to run a tournament may lead to you being barred from purchasing non-GNK kits in the future.

This event can be run at any point during the 2024 calendar year, with April being the earliest we can support. However, we encourage TOs to avoid June and October as that’s when the Continental and World Championships will be held, respectively.

Tournaments that take place after September may award Worlds tickets for either 2025 or 2026. The last chance to claim a ticket for Worlds 2024 is one month before the event.

Season Tracker

To help both players and organizers keep track of which type of tournament is happening at any given point in the calendar, we created the Competitive Season Tracker. There, you can find information on what types of tournaments are running now, what the permitted period to organize certain events is, which tournaments are in the application stage and when the application period is, and other useful information. Please keep checking back, as it will continue to be updated as we solidify more of the competitive season schedule!


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