Announcing a Change in Lead Designer

We would like to announce that June Cuervo will be stepping down from her position as Lead Designer of Null Signal Games. June has taken up a demanding game design position at a well-known videogame development studio, which no longer affords her the time she feels leading the Netrunner Design team requires. Her influence on Netrunner will inform future sets for years to come, far outlasting her tenure as Lead Designer.

June joined Null Signal Games during System Gateway’s development, contributing card designs and helping shape the set. At the same time, she led the design of the Borealis Cycle, Null Signal Games’ positively-received second set. June was instrumental in developing the working methods of the Design team. Design now works several cycles ahead, with a different member of the team acting as Product Lead for each one. The benefits of this new design pipeline are bearing fruit in the continuing smooth development of the “Bell-Tower” cycle. Finally, June has been an enthusiastic spokesperson for both Netrunner and Null Signal Games. In addition to print and audio interviews, and evangelizing the game on social media, she has spent many weekends teaching the game at conventions to reach a whole new audience. 

We’d like to thank June for everything she has done for Netrunner, and express our confidence in the strength of the foundations she laid for its future design direction. While we’re saddened to see her go, we wish her every success and hope to continue seeing her at conventions and tournaments!

As we continue our search to fill June’s position, McGregor, who has been taking care of leadership responsibilities while June was settling into her new job, will continue to serve as interim Lead Designer. McGregor has been playing Netrunner since the Lunar Cycle, and has been an associate Design team member at Null Signal Games since 2018. During this transition period, the Design team has been focussed on design and development revisions for “Bell-Tower”, our upcoming cycle, as well as format and release planning for “Piggy-Bank”, the cycle scheduled to be released next year. 

The process of selecting a new Lead Designer is progressing, and we will be making an announcement when the details of the recruitment process are finalized. Stay tuned for more on this soon!