An Update on the Release of Dawn

After the successful launch of Rebellion Without Rehearsal, the development teams at Null Signal Games have been hard at work on our next product, codenamed “Dawn”. As we announced last year at Barcelona Worlds, “Dawn” will trigger the rotation from Standard of all remaining FFG sets, as well as System Update 2021. This marks the single biggest change to the Netrunner cardpool in the history of the game.

Given the outsized impact this set will have, as well as its status as the new recommended second purchase for new players, we want to make sure we dedicate an appropriate amount of time and development resources to making it a success. After extensive discussions with the creative teams, we have made the difficult decision to delay the launch of “Dawn”. 

The new target date for the release of “Dawn” is late Q1 2025

This will provide our tireless playtesters with enough time to properly explore the effects of a smaller cardpool, and allow our development and design teams to iterate on that feedback.

We understand that this means there will be  approximately a full calendar year between releases. To mitigate this delay, we will be taking steps to avoid meta stagnation and player attrition over the next 12 months. Those plans aren’t finalized yet, but expect to see updates throughout the year.

“Dawn” is already shaping up to be a great set, with cards that give both new and established players something to get excited about. Our goal is to release a product that is mechanically sound and a joy to play. We hope you agree that this is a goal worth waiting for.


  • hbarsquared

    Midwestern janklord turned Stockholm recluse. Playing Netrunner since the lunar cycle, and yet I'm still dying to Snare!