2024 Q2 Game Night Kits are now available!

We are pleased to announce that 2024’s Q2 Game Night Kit is now available for purchase through our webstore!

We have recently made some changes to the way we handle GNKs, so we wanted to take a moment to update you on what is inside, how you can get them and our new plans for getting them out to organizers. We are releasing this kit a bit later in Q2 than we would ideally like to. Our plan is to release Q3 toward the end of July/early August to keep some spacing between them, but will be looking to be aligned with start of Quarters by next year.


A 2024 Q2 Game Night Kit (GNK) contains:

  • 24x Your Digital Life (illustrated by Ed Mattinian)
  • 12x Curupira (illustrated by Júlio Roca)

The price is $15.00 and includes free shipping.

Our goal for GNKs

Game Night Kits are intended for casual level events, especially those that cater to newer players. Whether it is gathering at a local pub, playing at your nearest game store or just a friendly night of playing cards with your friends at home, we want these cards to add a little more excitement to your next casual night of running servers and scoring agendas.

To reflect that aim, we’re allowing anyone to purchase GNKs. We’re not restricting access to them to tournament organizers in any way. If you just want to purchase the kit to supplement your collection with some snazzy alternate art cards, go right ahead. However, we would encourage you to help grow your local community by coming up with a clever way to share them.

How you can get a GNK

GNKs can be purchased by anyone within the regions we distribute to through our webstore.

Some notes: 

  • They are also available through our wholesale distribution channel for retailers working with us directly.
  • For people in regions not currently served by our store, they will also be made available through our print-on-demand partners. It is already available on Make Playing Cards, and will be made available on DriveThruCards later this week.

To learn more about our other ongoing organized play efforts, visit our Competitive Season Status page.