2024 Continentals and EMEA Continental Championship Sponsorship

As we start to wind down the 2023 Netrunner Competitive season, we have an important announcement to make regarding the 2024 Continental Championship Series: we’re changing things up and moving our Continentals and Intercontinentals earlier in the year.

In 2024, our Continentals Season will be run during May/June

This is the next of our new Organized Play initiatives, which started last year with the return of in-person Continental Championships. We have found that while the timing of Continentals within the season helped create a sense of progression from a local to a global perspective, the earlier timing will give both organizers and attendees more breathing room. We hope that by moving Continentals into the first half of the year we can take our events to the next level.

For our players, this change will help to fill what might have felt like a bit of a quiet period in our tournament season in regard to competitive international events. We hope that you’re as excited as we are to play Netrunner throughout more of the calendar year!

With this announcement we are also happy to announce the continuation of our in-person Continentals Sponsorship. Given the earlier dates for continentals, we’re opening up applications now for TOs within that region to host the EMEA Continental Championship.

Sponsorship Details

This offering comes in the form of a sponsorship, which means your event will become an official Null Signal Games event. Our goal isn’t to remove your local flair or personal style, but we have a few details you need to know and expectations you’ll need to follow. 

What We’ll Give You

  • We will work with you or your venue to cover the cost of booking, provided that there is a booking charge, we can be invoiced, and you don’t handle your own ticketing. This will be capped at €1500.
  • We will handle ticket sales using our Eventbrite account and provide you with access to the guest list before, after, and during the event.
  • We will provide you with a 2024 Continental Championship Kit that will contain enough prizes to support up to a 100 person event, for FREE.
  • We will provide you with marketing materials, including posters and standees, that you may use to promote your event and Null Signal Games, for FREE.
  • We will handle marketing on social media and digital platforms. 
  • We will provide you with access to the Null Signal Games Twitch so that you can stream the event to our online communities.
  • We will work with you to commission a unique promo art for this event. This art will adorn a card that will premiere at your event and be re-issued at the 2024 World Championship.

What is Expected of You

  • You will find and book an event space that will host up to 100 attendees within Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.
  • Your event will occur between the first weekend of May and the last weekend of June (inclusive).
  • You will recruit a sufficient number of volunteers to staff the event, including judges and all support staff.
  • You will post the tournament on AlwaysBeRunning.net with a suffix of “Sponsored by Null Signal Games” and mention our sponsorship in the description.
  • You will run the event to the standards of our Code of Conduct, enforcing a strict application of the policies contained therein.
  • You will run the event to the standards of our Competitive-tier events as outlined in the Organized Play Policies, also enforcing a strict application of those policies.
  • You will display all provided marketing materials at the venue in prominent and visible locations so your guests and other venue visitors will be able to easily see them.
  • You will work with our stream team to host a stream of your event with commentary on the official Null Signal Games Twitch.
  • You will affix our branding to all digital media, social media posts, and streaming related to the event.

How to Apply

You will need to use the link below to access a Google Form that will allow you to submit details of your proposed event. You will need your contact information, event dates, contact information for the venue, a venue address, venue website, the venue’s maximum capacity, the estimated number of attendees, and a general description of your plans for the event.

The application process for this event will open until November 26th. This will allow potential organizers lots of time to find a venue and start the booking process, but be warned: We will be reviewing applications as they come in, and the application window will close early if we find one we are happy with. Get applications in early!

Questions You May Have

What happens if you can’t find an event to sponsor?

We will simply revert to running all of our Continentals online for this year.

What if I have already booked a venue?

That’s not a problem, so long as you can provide us with an original invoice we will be able to offer reimbursement for the cost of the venue. We will not be reimbursing events that choose to handle their own ticketing as that’s how we’re expecting to pay the majority of the cost.

Is there a cap on venue cost reimbursement?

Yes. We will only cover up to €1500. We suggest attempting to book at party rooms or game stores, as their bookings should generally fall within this range.

What happens to the extra prizes and marketing materials after the event?

You get to keep them! The extra prizes are yours to use for your future events, and we have found that some attendees might enjoy having banners and posters as tournament memorabilia.

Do I have to have a venue booked to apply?

No. However, you must have one in mind and contact information for the primary point of contact at the venue. Also, you must have negotiated dates. Payment requests can be forwarded from the venue to us to finalize.

What do I do if I have questions or concerns not covered by the above?

Please get in touch! You can email us at op@nullsignal.games


  • Kror

    Kror is a member of Null Signal Games' Organised Play team. Whenever he's not running tournaments you can find him piloting villainous decks against players in his local area in Melbourne.