2023 H2 Circuit Opener Kits – Update

We have to announce a delay in getting the 2023 H2 Circuit Opener kits delivered. This delay is rooted in the problem that is impacting the distribution of The Automata Initiative and our two Remastered sets in the EU. Unfortunately, unlike the main set releases, this delay will affect all H2CO kits, not just the ones ordered in the EU.

Whilst talking with our distributor on the status of these kits, we were informed that while production of them started on time, the distribution would clash with a scheduled holiday period they have at the beginning of August, and so it will have to be delayed until after this time. We expect kits to be sent in the third week of August, and they should all have been received within the first couple of weeks of September. [Update: Due to raw material delays we do not have exact estimates, will release a new article when there is news]

If you have an event scheduled and you are concerned that it will lack prize support, please send an email to op@nullsignal.games so we can try and ensure you have something to replace it. We’re excited for people to get their hands on new cards and on these prize kits so they can start to run events and play together. We apologise for this delay, and we appreciate your patience.