2023 American Continental Championships Roundup

Congratulations to Rongydoge, our 2023 American Continentals Champion! 66 people came out to compete for the honour, and in the end Ian took home the victory, in a tense final against NSG’s own Jeff Pryune.

ACC winner Rongydoge
American Continental Champion Rongydoge

Congratulations also to our second set of participants for the Intercontinental Championships being held online on the 2nd September: Rongydoge, Jeff Pryune, Andrew Cortez, and Kodie. Thank you to the 66 players who came to Cascadia, and thank you to Eric and Sam for a brilliantly run event and to Mox Boarding House Bellevue for hosting it.

Top 8 finalists at American Continental Championships
Top 8 finalists at American Continental Championships

After seeing people’s first impressions of The Automata Initiative at the Asia Pacific Continental Championships, we saw a slight recalibration of the meta. From Anarchs, specifically Hoshiko, taking up a large portion of the top tables, which looked to repeat again early on in the tournament, the top cut had all factions represented, and 11 different identities.

This was also the second major event held using the Single Sided Swiss format after the US East Coast National Championships just a few weeks ago. Aesop’s Tables (created by ACC runner-up Jeff) proved a solid basis for running a large tournament. The VODs are on our Twitch channel for anyone wanting to catch up with the action, and will be migrated to our Youtube soon. If you played, don’t forget to claim your spot on AlwaysBeRunning.

Please find links to the top 8 finalists’ decklists below, and be sure to check NetrunnerDB to see the competitors’ own deck writeups when they publish them! Scroll down below that for a gallery with more photos from the event.

Thank you again to everybody who came, and to everybody who joined us on stream for an exciting look at our first major in person event of the new set. A warm congratulations to Sam Posa and Eric Keilback for hosting an incredible event! We look forward to seeing Cascadia grow and flourish. We’re excited to see where players take it with our final stop on the Continentals tour online for the Europe Middle East and Africa Continental Championships next weekend!

Top 8 Deck Lists

Corp: Near-Earth Hub

Runner: Hoshiko

Corp: The Outfit

Runner: Hoshiko

Corp: The Outfit

Runner: Hoshiko

Corp: A Teia

Runner: Freedom Khumalo



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