2022 World Championship Prize Support

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The 2022 World Championship looms near and we have nothing but hype from here on out to get you pumped leading up to the event. We started this process over at Metropole Grid thanks to the gracious Andrej, and we have plenty more prizes to scoop for you in the lead-up to October 6th.

This article will provide a summary of the card and non-card prizes announced so far, and we will be updating it periodically (our soft target is every Friday at 12:00PM Central Time). We will also be releasing many previews in a variety of community spaces between now and the tournament, so keep your eyes open!

If you missed it, all of the information on tickets and attending is in this previous article. Check that out if you need to book lodging or buy tickets to events. One super important note about lodging: hotel booking for the official block has ended. If you want a room in the hotel hosting the event, you can still call and book, but they may not offer you a special group rate any longer.

Are you ready for prizes? You’re ready for prizes. Let’s do it!

Make Your Mark

In celebration of the mark mechanic from Midnight Sun, we have commissioned a set of 200 dice for randomizing servers and 200 commemorative coins for physically marking them. The first 200 people to register at the event will receive a mark die, after which we will take names and addresses to ship you one later (we were only able to source 200 for the event). Only the Top Half of the Standard and Startup events will receive a coin, with the rest reserved for our staff and future raffles!

Mark Die and Commemorative Coins

2022 Standard World Championship

This is the premier, main event for the 2022 World Championship Weekend, often just referred to as the ‘World Championship’. This is the most established competitive format for Netrunner, with the biggest cardpool and a long history. Check out Always Be Running and mark yourself down as going. Here are the prizes you can expect to see this year for Standard:

Paladin Poemu World Champion playmat illustrated by Izzy Pruett, top 32 Blood in the Water playmat illustrated by Scott Uminga.

Standard World Championship Prizing

An * denotes anyone tied on tournament points with this prize bracket also receives that prize.

System Gateway online avatar Runner IDs illustrated by Ferenc Patkós
System Gateway Runner ID Avatars

2022 Startup World Championship

This is our very first Startup World Championship. From the outset, it was decided that this would not be a lesser tournament to Standard, at least as far as prizing goes. Check out Always Be Running and mark yourself down as going. Here are the prizes you can expect to see this year for Startup:

Trickster Taka Startup World Champion playmat illustrated by Izzy Pruett, top 32 The Twinning playmat illustrated by Adam S. Doyle, Maskirovka full bleed cards.

Startup World Championship Prizing

  • 1st Place: Title of ‘2022 World Champion’ – Opportunity to work with Organized Play on a Reigning Champion Card – One-of-a-Kind Trickster Taka Playmat (Illustrated by Izzy Pruett)
  • Top 4: [TBA]
  • Top 16: Gateway Runner Avatar Identities (Illustrated by Ferenc Patkós)*
  • Top 32: The Twinning Playmat (Illustrated by Adam S. Doyle)*
  • Top Half: Mark Commemorative Coin
  • 27 Points: Selection of 2 Foil ‘Limit 1 Per Deck’ Agendas
  • 18 Points: Predictive Planogram Alt-Art (Illustrated by Wyn Lacabra)
  • 9 Points: Maskirovka Full-Art (Illustrated by Scott Uminga)
  • Participation: Cleaver Alt-Art (Illustrated by Abdullah AlAwadhi)

An * denotes anyone tied on tournament points with this prize bracket also receives that prize.

Foil System Gateway limit-1-per-deck agendas.
Foil System Gateway Limit-1-Per-Deck Agendas

Crown of Servers Team Tournament

This tournament is a more casual experience where you do battle vs other teams. As is tradition going back since before our time helming the game, this is the inaugural event to kick off the World Championship Weekend. Prize support will be slightly lighter for this event:

Champion Belts for Each Faction

Crown of Servers Prizing

  • 1st Place Team: 3x Champion Belts (1x for Each Player’s Faction – Anarch, Criminal, Shaper)
  • Top Half: Midnight Sun Acrylic IDs by Jakuza
  • Participation: Hydra Alt-Art (Illustrated by Marlon Ruiz)
Jakuza’s Midnight Sun Acrylics

Gunslinging & Side Events

All throughout the weekend, there will be several more opportunities to win prizes outside of the main tournament events. We strongly believe that, when it comes to prizes, more is always better!

One of those opportunities will be ‘gunslinging,’ which is simply the act of challenging one of our staff members to a game. Winning that game will entitle you to select from any available card prize in our prize pool, plus some other non-card prizes. Some prizes will have limited stock.

Also available are ‘Side Event Packs’ which are packs of cards that we will hand out to anyone running their own side events. These events can be Netrunner-based, in any format, or use a different game entirely. Let us know that you’re playing and we’ll come up with some excuse to toss things at you! We have packs tailored to Eternal, Startup, and Standard.

Startup side-event prize kit featuring Liberated Account alt art illustrated by Kira L. Nguyen and Midnight-3 Arcology illustrated by Emilio Rodriguez.
Startup & Standard Side-Event Prize Kit


In addition to all the lovely prizing, we have also refreshed our Judge Reward for this year. The World Championship will not be be the only opportunity to get this coveted prize, but it is the first. For those that don’t know, these prizes are awarded to judges, organizers, and volunteers that help out at large scale events we organize or show support for.


We’ll leave you with a gallery containing all of the card prizes we’ve previewed thus far. We’re so excited to share more with you in the coming weeks, and we’re incredibly excited to be running the World Championship Weekend in Toronto, Canada. Stay safe, Runners, and Always Be Running!


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