System Core 2019

System Core 2019 was a curated list of classic Netrunner cards, intended to serve as a “core set” for the game. It was never released as a physical product and has since been supplanted by System Gateway and the System Update series.

Fast Facts

  • Release date: November 15, 2018
  • Size: List of 147 classic cards (including 14 identity cards: 2 for each faction)
  • Set symbol: “19” within box
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: sc19

About System Core 2019

System Core 2019 was never released as a print-and-play file or sold as a physical product. It was designed as a list of classic cards that players could assemble from their preexisting collections.

Although System Core 2019 was never printed, each card in the set list was given a quantity. This facilitated the “shufflebuilding” style of deckbuilding seen previously in the Core Set and Revised Core Set by Fantasy Flight Games, where one faction’s cards were shuffled together with the neutral cards to make a quick deck. These quantities were also used in the now-retired Core Experience format, which challenged participants to build decks as if they had only one copy of System Core 2019.

For posterity’s sake, the System Core 2019 card list is available here:

System Core 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Each faction was given two identity cards in System Core 2019. “Core IDs” were typically more straightforward, and were chosen to help players learn the game. “Advanced IDs” introduced new strategic subtleties within the faction.

Each faction’s card pool is designed for use with two different IDs; one is the Revised Core ID, and the other is a more complex ID that utilizes the same cards in a different and exciting way. For instance, once you feel comfortable with the powerful economy and ice Weyland’s Building a Better World has to offer and want to start deckbuilding, you’re welcome to move onto the advanced ID of Blue Sun!

System Core 2019 Lead Designer Grey “CritHitD20” Tongue

You cannot. This set was never printed or released as a print-and-play file. It was designed for players to assemble from their existing collections or via proxies.

No. If you want to learn the game, we recommend System Gateway, our starter set. If you’d like to supplement your collection with reprints of classic cards, we recommend the latest in the System Update series, currently System Update 2021. Several of the cards in System Core 2019, though certainly not all, can be found in System Update 2021.