Borealis Cycle Content Notes

Listed below are specific content notes for cards appearing in the Borealis Cycle, consisting of the Netrunner sets Midnight Sun and Parhelion. Some depictions may take place in a netspace/virtual setting and this is specifically indicated. All depictions otherwise take place in a meatspace/non-virtual setting.

This list is not exhaustive and should be considered a living document which is improved and expanded upon over time. It is intended to help current and prospective players make an informed choice about how to engage with this content.

Overall Cycle Themes

  • Climate change
  • Eco-fascism
  • Ecological collapse
  • Eco-terrorism
  • Imperialism
  • Imprisonment
  • Population displacement
  • Settler colonialism and threat to indigenous cultures
  • Thalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)
  • Unethical medical and scientific experimentation

In Midnight Sun

Runner Cards

CardContent Note
BegemotUse of alcohol
Deep DiveThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean, virtual)
HyperbaricThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean, virtual)
Into the DepthsThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)
Light the Fire!Fire (virtual), use of explosives
MarrowDepiction of surgery, spinal implant
RevolverDepiction of firearm, depiction of gun violence (virtual)
Running HotUse of narcotics, addiction
Steelskin ScarringBlood, depiction of surgery

Corp Cards

CardContent NoteAdditional Note
Artificial CryptocrashImplied financial insecurity
Azef ProtocolFire
Backroom MachinationsUse of alcohol
BathynomusEntomophobia (aversion to insects) (virtual)
Blood in the WaterBlood (virtual)
Hákarl 1.0Galeophobia (aversion to sharks) (virtual)
IvikScoleciphobia (aversion to worms) (virtual)
MestinchestvoImperialismThere is an expanded article about changes to this card artwork in the context of the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War available here.
Refuge CampaignImplied mass displacement of people
Trieste Model BioroidsThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)

In Parhelion

Runner Cards

CardContent Note
Basilar Synthgland 2KVJSpinal implant
Dismemberment of cybernetic limb
Hippocampic MechanocytesEntomophobia (aversion to insects)
Katorga BreakoutImprisonment
Forced labor
MatryoshkaPediophobia (aversion to dolls) (virtual)
Raindrops Cut StoneBlood (virtual)
Time BombFire
WAKE Implant v2A-JRJSpinal implant

Corp Cards

CardContent Note
BloopIchthyophobia (aversion to fish)
Distributed TracingImplied stalking
Street harassment
Djupstad GridThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)
End of the LineFirearm
Implied gun violence
Implied murder
Freedom of InformationFire
Hypoxia (lack of sufficient oxygen)
Emotional abuse
Hostile ArchitectureImplied harm towards homeless/unhoused people
Hybrid ReleaseImplied deliberate medical neglect
Implied scientific experimentation on sentient beings
Nightmare ArchiveThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)
Ontological DependenceExploitation of grief
Implied death
Simulation ResetImplied animal cruelty
Thule Subsea: Safety BelowThalassophobia (aversion to the ocean)
VampyronassaScoleciphobia (aversion to worms) (virtual)
Teuthiphobia (aversion to squid) (virtual)
Yakov Erikovich AvdakovMention of death
Implied murder
ZATO City GridMention of death
Implied restriction of movement

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