Worlds Art Gallery: Call for Works

Hello Artists!

The Organized Play and Visual departments at Null Signal Games are teaming up to bring you a chance to make Netrunner history! 

During this year’s World Championship in Barcelona, we will have access to a gallery space within Casa Rius (the tournament venue). We want to use this great location and opportunity to showcase pieces from the amazing community of Netrunner artists.

In addition to the displayed artworks, the gallery will contain an immersive experience into the setting of The Automata Initiative, with commissioned art by in-setting Brazilian street artist Arissana as well as a variety of narrative snippets hidden throughout the venue for attendees to discover.

This is a formal call to all Netrunner community artists interested in showcasing their art within the gallery. If selected, your art will be displayed in the Casa Rius art gallery, alongside NSG-commissioned artists, and offered for sale at a price that you set. There’s a spot on the wall where we can hang your art: we’d love to feature you! 

What we need:

Due to limited wall space, the artworks will be selected by application. To apply, please fill out this form, providing the following information:

  • Preferred print size
  • Preferred selling price
  • Any additional information you want displayed next to your piece
  • Information such as name, email address, name of your artwork, etc. so that we can produce a contract for you to sign

The measurements of the available display sizes are as follows:

  • White 50x50cm frame 
  • White 50X50 frame with 30x30cm passepartout
  • White 35x35cm frame 
  • White 35x35cm frame with 25x25cm passepartout
  • White 25x25cm frame 
  • White 25x25cm frame with 13x13cm passepartout
  • Black 50x50cm frame 
  • Black 50X50 frame with 30x30cm passepartout
  • Black 35x35cm frame 
  • Black 35x35cm frame with 25x25cm passepartout
  • Black 25x25cm frame 
  • Black 25x25cm frame with 13x13cm passepartout
  • Aluminium 61x91cm frame
  • Aluminium 61x91cm frame with 50x70cm passepartout
  • Aluminium 50x70cm frame
  • Aluminium 50x70cm frame with 40x50cm passepartout
  • Aluminium 40x50cm frame
  • Aluminium 40x50cm frame with 30x40cm passepartout
  • Aluminium 30x40cm frame
  • Aluminium 30x40cm frame with 21x30cm passepartout
  • Aluminium 21x30cm frame
  • Aluminium 21x30cm frame with 13x18cm passepartout
  • Black 61x91cm frame
  • Black 61x91cm frame with 50x70cm passepartout
  • Black 50x70cm frame
  • Black 50x70cm frame with 40x50cm passepartout
  • Black 40x50cm frame
  • Black 40x50cm frame with 30x40cm passepartout
  • Black 30x40cm frame
  • Black 30x40cm frame with 21x30cm passepartout
  • Black 21x30cm frame
  • Black 21x30cm frame with 13x18cm passepartout

Please note that these measurements are in centimetres. The frames will be purchased at IKEA and are the following types: Sannahed and Lomviken.

What we offer:

We will print your art and frame it according to your instructions, with a label displaying any information you want, and the price tag next to it. If the art sells, you will receive the full amount. If not, you can retrieve your large-sized print at the end of the event. 

We may also offer you the possibility of doing a numbered print run of 10 units on DINA4 (21x30cm) or DINA5 (14.8x21cm), which we will be selling at the Null Signal Games merchandise booth at the World’s Venue for 30€ each. As a test run, we will offer this deal to 5 artists, who will each receive 200€ for the whole set of 10. NSG will keep any remaining unsold prints as prizes for future events. 

Null Signal Games reserves the right to have a final say on what art is suitable for display in the gallery and in the art piece information. No nudity, over-the-top violence, or copyrighted material are the most obvious ones. We will not be accepting any art fully generated by AI. Please consult our Code of Conduct if you have any doubts or contact our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion team at

The deadline for art submission is September 1st 2023.

Revised deadline for submission: Due to some artists needing more time to get their submissions prepared for printing, we are now allowing you until September 9 to send us the final art. You must still submit your application form by 1 September, and attach blank or placeholder art to your application, to be considered. All works chosen will be sent for printing on September 10, so any submissions which do not have final art uploaded by then will be disqualified.

The Artist Colony

Just as in many previous Netrunner events, this World Championship will feature space for artists to sell their Netrunner-related art, such as alternate art cards, prints, or other goods, which will be called the Artist Colony. This is separate and in addition to the Gallery, and we will ensure that one does not detract from the other, but that they support and complement each other.

If are an artist with Netrunner-related products for sale, but you will not be be attending Worlds, or you will be attending but unable to staff a booth to sell your products because you will be competing in the main event, please contact, and we may be able to help! 

This is all for now. Always be painting!

Inquiries about the Gallery should be directed to

Inquiries about suitability of the art you wish to apply with should be directed to

Inquiries about the Artist Colony should be directed to


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