Community Spoiler Week Schedule

It’s been a turbulent two weeks of spoilers. We made new friends and saw some old ones return. But weather forecasts are upgrading the turbulence into an absolute scoopstorm, as Community Week is set to kick off tomorrow! A slew of content creators and other community members will be taking over and bringing you spoilers of some of the most impactful cards of System Gateway. Their content will be shared through our Twitter and Facebook as soon as it is published, but you can also find them at their usual homes on the Internet. A summary of all the cards everyone spoiled will also be published right here on at the end of Community Week. Scroll down for a schedule of the week’s attractions and see who we’ve called in a mutual favour from!

Mutual Favor

Criminal Event

Cost: 0 – Influence: 3

Search your stack for 1 icebreaker program and reveal it. (Shuffle your stack after searching it.) If you made a successful run this turn, you may install it. Otherwise, add it to your grip.

The real reward is the friends you make along the way.

Illustrated by David Lei

On Monday, 15 March 2021, 0thmxma and Whiteblade111 are joined by NISEI’s very own Zoe on The Shadow Net. They’ll be discussing the politics of cyberpunk settings, Shapers, Anarchs, and your, yes, your R&D! 

On Tuesday, 16 March 2021, the redoubtable duo of CTZ and Brian Cronin will be streaming at their usual time on SanSan Francisco. For those of us in time zones too easterly to handle the live stream, the video will be available on TheJacksonHoward afterwards. They’ll be showing us some of the new Weyland cards and playing some games, no doubt trying to brew up the most unlikely win condition possible using them!

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 starts to ramp up, as not only will Kitchen Table Netrunner be bringing us some tricksy new Haas-Bioroid cards, but Andrej Gomizelj of the Métropole Grid will be dropping a short teaser video of the cards he’ll be revealing during his live stream the next day!

Though streaming too late for some time zones, The Métropole Grid will return on Thursday, 18 March 2021 to show off some exciting Criminal cards! Catch him live on Twitch or on-demand on YouTube.

Do you like net damage and that Friday feeling? I know for a fact that neuropantser and orbital_tangent of The Slumscast like net damage! They’ll be joined by NISEI lead designer June Cuervo to bring us some hot Jinteki scoops on 19 March 2021 to set you up for the weekend!

Weekends are for catching up with old friends. So on Saturday, 20 March 2021, Jess Horig and Jesse Marshall are powering up The Winning Agenda orbital death lazers once again to fire some blazingly bright NBN spoilers at us from their Near-Earth Podcast Hub. Who knows, maybe they’ll be bringing another old friend back with them? And that’s not all, cause once The Winning Agenda manage to tag you, Semi Co-op might be out to get you! Keep an eye on their Twitter for some scoops!

Sunday, 21 March 2021 brings Community Week to a close with the return of another old friend. There’s nobody better than OG Noise fan CodeMarvelous to spoil some of Gateway’s coolest new Anarch cards, so join him live on Twitch or catch up later on YouTube! That’s not all from him though, as he’ll return a week later, on Sunday, 28 March 2021, to round out Spoiler Season with a video of him teaching a new player using the System Gateway starter decks! 

In addition to the above, expect little bite-size chunks of single card spoilers from other community members throughout the week. The top 4 finalists of the NISEI 2020 World Championship, Limes, tf34, chouxflower, and adumbbrick, have each been given a single card to spoil, and they’ll be doing so throughout the week. Some of these will be posted on known community hubs, but others you may need to put in a little work to find and figure out! For those who don’t manage it, the cards will all be shared on the NISEI social media accounts as well. Moreover, we hear that some cards may have been purloined by high-ranking executives from Weyland and HB, and we urge everyone to keep tabs on their HQs to see if we might steal them back!

Finally, a quick scheduling note from RC: We know we originally promised you a look into the Trackers and Player Aids today, but circumstances have required us to push that back to next weekend. See you all after Community Week is done!