Remastered Sets Update: System Gateway – System Update 2021

As detailed on the Product Status page, the remastered editions of System Gateway and System Update 2021 are due to be released very soon. In light of the delays this project has suffered in the past, we are issuing this update to confirm that the remasters of System Gateway and System Update 2021 are complete and will be released before the end of June.

We are unable to confirm the exact release date at this time. We are working to launch on as many different storefronts as possible simultaneously in order to prevent any accidental purchases of leftover stock of the original editions. This means that our own store (both the USA and Australian distribution centers), our authorized resellers, and our print-on-demand partners must all make the switch to the remastered editions simultaneously. 

We will be able to announce an exact release date as soon as we’ve figured out the logistics of this complex launch. Once the release date is confirmed, those eligible for the Product Exchange Program may apply for their replacements.

In the meantime, however, there is one place where the System Gateway and System Update 2021 remasters will be available. We diverted some stock from the UK print run of the sets to Birmingham, where they will be available for purchase from the Null Signal Games booth during the UK Games Expo this weekend, 2-4 June! Please see this article for more details of what else will be on offer at the expo!