Recruitment Drive

Hello, everybody!

Just a short article today about some positions currently open at NISEI Plaza. Some you’ll already have seen before – we’re just relisting them in their own article to make sure nobody missed them – but there is one new position! If you’re interested in any of these, email with the role you’re applying for in the subject.

Editor’s note, March 2021: These positions have long since been filled. Thank you for your interest! If you’d like to see if any positions are currently open, please check our Join NISEI page.

Alternative Formats Coordinator

This person will be in charge of creating and curating a NISEI draft cube as well as suggesting rules revisions for the Draft and NAPD 3-vs.-1 formats (and any other formats NISEI decides to officially support in the future). The ideal candidate would have considerable experience with cube design and drafting.

Associate Developer

We’re looking for someone with the following qualities…

  • Has experience playing games at a competitive level
  • Is skilled in organizing and summarizing large sets of feedback and play data.
  • Is passionate about players’ experiences with Netrunner, and is able to empathize with players of different skill levels and backgrounds.
  • Is capable of working as part of a team of similarly passionate individuals.
  • Is able to exhaustively discuss the impact of potential changes to a play environment.

Production Coordinator

In order to be able to deliver new content to you as smoothly as possible, we need one of you to join our ranks as Production Coordinator. This person will coordinate cross-functional projects, track deadlines, communicate with our suppliers and generally oversee the production pipeline while keeping the Board apprised of potential slippage. Here’s what a Production Coordinator looks like to us:

  • Has experience with product management.
  • Has strong interpersonal skills.
  • Is familiar with print on demand and shipping services.
  • Has compassion for Netrunner players regardless of background or financial situation.

Regarding the recent applications for MWL Committee Member, they’re currently being reviewed and we hope to get back to everyone this week!

That’s it for me today, until next time… stay frosty!

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