Rebellion Without Rehearsal Is Out Now!

Rebellion Without Rehearsal is out now! See every card in the set below, check out the product page for details on how to get it, and build decks using the new cards on NetrunnerDB!

RUNNER: AnarchCriminal Shaper Neutral

CORP: Haas-BioroidJintekiNBNWeyland Neutral






RUNNER: AnarchCriminal Shaper Neutral

CORP: Haas-BioroidJintekiNBNWeyland Neutral







What’s next?

Rebellion Without Rehearsal is available in English right now, from our online store and as a free print-and-play PDF. MakePlayingCards and DriveThruCards listings are awaiting approval, and should be available within the next few days. See the Rebellion Without Rehearsal product page for all relevant links.

Preorders from our U.S., Canadian, and Australian online store will begin shipping immediately.

The E.U. store has now reopened and you may start placing your orders! We expect orders to begin shipping from there in roughly one week due to stock only just having arrived there.

We expect the U.K. online store to come into operation shortly, though stock for it is currently being printed and will not arrive to our distributor for approximately 3 weeks. We will issue updates when we have exact dates!

We expect the French, Catalan, Traditional Chinese, and Italian translations to become available within the next two weeks. The remaining languages will take a little longer. We will issue updates on our social media as each translation becomes available.

See the product page for links to other sales channels (such as third party retailers and our print-on-demand partners, when they come online) as well as links to the print-and-play PDFs!

We anticipate that the new cards will be fully implemented on within the next few days. The set is available to use for deckbuilding on NetrunnerDB right now.

With the release of Rebellion Without Rehearsal, the Borealis Cycle (Midnight Sun and Parhelion) will rotate out of the Startup card pool. Startup will now consist of the following sets:

  • System Gateway
  • System Update 2021
  • The Automata Initiative
  • Rebellion Without Rehearsal

Rebellion Without Rehearsal does not trigger a rotation for the Standard format.

The set will become legal immediately in Casual-tier tournaments, and on March 30, 2024 for Competitive-tier tournaments. The accompanying Ban List Update for the Standard format comes into effect simultaneously with the set’s tournament legality. See the Supported Formats page for more details.

Coming in the next few days, expect rulings and clarifications for Rebellion Without Rehearsal cards to be uploaded to the NetrunnerDB rulings page. A pronunciation guide for the names of all the cards, characters, and locations in Rebellion Without Rehearsal will also be published soon, and linked to from the product page.

We hope you enjoy this set, and can’t wait to use these cards in a game with you!