Organized Play Policies Update

Hello Tournament Organizers and Tournament Goers!

A little over six months ago we did a large survey of organized play policies. Some of the feedback received was that the Organized Play Policies document was difficult to use for players, organizers, and judges. Sections were jumbled, and the rules and contextual justification for them were mixed together.

After working internally and with external, interested community members (without whom this would not have been possible), we’re pleased to announce a new version of the Organized Play Policies.

They’re now organized in a more functional way, and commentary is clearly differentiated from policies. We think this document should be much easier to use for both tournament organizers and players. That said, we’re sure there are things missed. If you spot them, we’d appreciate the feedback either at or in Online Event Discord TO Channel (need to react to the TO role in #roles).

The policy changes are meant to be minor, but the following are intentional:

  • Provide more detailed guidelines on the standard for alt-arts and proxies in competitive events.
  • Removal of tiebreaker rounds.
  • Allow TOs to run Single Sided Swiss events in all competitive tier events (Double Sided Swiss events are still the norm).
  • Expanded guidelines for oracles and other accessibility accommodations for players.

You can download the new version of the Organized Play Policies here, or under the Organizers section on our front page.

With Nationals warming up and Continentals right around the corner, we hope this improves the tournament experience for everyone, and we look forward to seeing those of you who can make it out!