2023 Continental Championships Tickets & Information

Summer fun is in the air, with plenty of tournaments scheduled in the next few months. But for those wanting something on a larger scale than Circuit Openers and National Championships, we’re here with details about this year’s Continental Championships. Information regarding registration, start times, and ticketing for each tournament can be found below. 

Tournament Information

Tickets for the online tournaments are $15 USD, and $40 for the in-person American Continental Championship. The format for all events will be Standard. Number of Swiss rounds and depth of the top cut will depend on the number of players for each event. The events will NOT be using tiebreaker rounds. Strength of Schedule and Extended Strength of Schedule will be used to determine the cut, if needed.

Continentals will feature two online events and one in-person sponsored event – the first in-person Continental event since 2019! Since we do not want people to have to choose between in-person and online events, we are lifting the restriction of attending only one Continental Championship. Feel free to play in all of them!

You will be expected to complete a registration form and purchase an Eventbrite ticket to participate in any of the online Continental Championships. Your registration form may be edited until registration closes. The in-person event has its own registration, found here.

Asia-Pacific Continental Championship (APAC)

American Continental Championship (ACC)

Europe Middle East and Africa Continental Championship (EMEA)

Intercontinental Championship

This will be an invite-only triple-elimination tournament for the Top 4 of each Continental Championship to crown the overall Intercontinental Champion for 2023.

The tournament will take place on September 2nd, with check-in at 10:00AM UTC and Round 1 Start at 10:30AM UTC.


There are some last minute additions to the prizes, which have been edited in since this article was published, so scroll down to see more! These are the contents of the Continental Championship kits:

Continental Championship Prizing

2023 Continentals card fan
  • 1st Place: Invitation to the 2024 Circuit Breaker Invitational Championship, 2023 World Championship Ticket, 2023 Continental Champion Plaque (by Jakuza)
  • Top 4: Invite to Intercontinentals
  • Top 8: Botulus Tokens (by Alexis Spicer)
  • Top 16: Unsmiling Tsarevna Playmat (Illustrated by BalanceSheet)*
  • Top 32: Deckbox (Illustrated by Jakuza)*
  • Top Half: 3× Urban Renewal (Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti)*
  • Everyone: 3× Bellona (Illustrated by BalanceSheet)

* – Players tied with these places on points will also receive the prizes

Intercontinental Championship Prizing

  • 1st Place: Invitation to the 2024 Circuit Breaker Invitational Championship, 2023 World Championship Ticket, 2023 Continental Champion Plaque (by Jakuza)
  • 1st Place: Reigning Champion Card for 2024 Continental Championships
  • Top Half: 3× Urban Renewal in Foil (Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti)
  • Qualifiers: 3× Bellona in Foil (Illustrated by David Lee)

Streaming & Commentary

Since this article was originally published, we have received the Botulus tokens designed and manufactured by Alexis Spicer, as well as the cardboard Bloop deck boxes. Here is a preview of the deck boxes:

And here are the Botulus tokens:

Please remember you can catch all the action live on the official Null Signal Games streaming channel, as well as many side streams which shall be announced closer to the event. The official stream will also be hosting raffles during the day, so tune in and you might snag yourself something nice!

If you would like to help stream or commentate any of the events, please get in touch with us at op@nullsignal.games!

That should be all from the Organized Play Team! We hope to see you at the 2023 Continental Championships. Always be running, folks, and we’ll see you on the Network!


  • Orbital_Tangent

    Null Signal Games' Organized Play Manager. Orbital Tangent is also a co-host of the Slumscast (Netrunner's OK-est podcast) and runs a yearly Minnesota tournament called Off The Grid (OTG).