Null Signal Store Updates: Australian shipping and more products added

We are happy to announce that the Null Signal Games online store has now expanded its operations to Australia.

We have worked closely with Luke, the owner of, to make this possible. Luke will still act as our distributor in the region, but sales will go through our shop front, meaning we will be able to supply him directly. In Luke’s own words:

Most importantly, this creates a smoother experience for players. When Null Signal announces a new product or set, that article will point straight to Null Signal’s store. Australians will be able to buy Netrunner products through the same channels as players around the world. New players discovering the game will not need to also discover my site.

When you order Parhelion you will be paying Null Signal directly. It will still be packed and dispatched by me in Melbourne. Delivery times will stay the same.

Moving to Null Signal’s store will mean that I will no longer need to buy a stack of inventory in advance or to set prices. This makes the business much less risky for me, and means that I can spend more time and energy working with Null Signal’s product and organized play teams. will continue to operate in parallel, stocking all the sets which have not yet made it onto the Null Signal online store, as well as third party products such as tokens and fan-made alternate art sets.

We hope to be able to expand direct sales to yet more territories soon!

In addition, we are happy to announce that Midnight Sun and the Magnum Opus Reprint are also available on our store, both for Australian and US customers. Our other sets, starting with System Gateway, will be gradually made available as soon as the remastered edition of each of them is complete. We realize that our initial estimates for the completion of the first remasters have already slipped, and we will have some more realistic release dates soon.

We are very grateful that the community has embraced the direct sales model despite our initial teething problems with manufacturing delays for Parhelion. This is still an experiment for us and we are working on establishing what the best processes to follow are, but we hope we’ll be able to bring more Netrunner cards to more of you very soon!