National Championship Locations

We are excited to announce that all 2024 National Championships have been awarded to their respective countries and tournament organizers!

As not all organizers have announced the specific dates and venues yet, Netrunner enthusiasts are advised to check for updates and tournament listings.

To help you be on the lookout for events in your area, or areas you may like to visit, here are all the countries that have been awarded a National Championship (links to AlwaysBeRunning pages where already available).

Good luck to all players competing in National Championships this year! If you don’t see a tournament in your country/nation/region listed here, maybe you could run one in 2025 – start making plans this year, and keep an eye out early next year for details of how to apply.


  • Kror

    Kror is a member of Null Signal Games' Organised Play team. Whenever he's not running tournaments you can find him piloting villainous decks against players in his local area in Melbourne.