Community Spoiler Roundup

With Midnight Sun Preview Season just over halfway done, we decided it would be handy to consolidate all cards spoiled in spaces other than our website in an article. Of course, all cards are uploaded to NetrunnerDB two days after they are previewed, but links to the original discussion in which they were revealed are collated here for the benefit of those who want to relive the excitement of their first reveal.

July 11

  • Green Level Clearance drop their preview in the form of an NFT. (Not really.) Check the #spoilers channel to see it.
  • YsengrinSC began streaming a series of videos in which they discuss each day’s previewed cards along with one or more guests. For convenience, we could refer to them as Daily Transmissions. Or perhaps we’ll call them Communiques. Possibly Dispatches. Perhaps someone can think of a better word?

July 12

  • Vesper revealed Steelskin Scarring and Avgustina Ivanovskaya on stream.
  • Semi-Coop revealed a beautifully-illustrated Weyland barrier.

July 13

  • The /r/netrunner subreddit got their own card to spoil!
  • 2019 World Champion Pinsel’s champion card took over for a day! You can revisit the puzzle here.
  • Tom Brewster had to pay for his lunch.

July 14

July 15

  • The Shadow Net revealed a swath of Weyland cards, including Asia-Pacific 2020 Continental Champion Whiteblade’s champion card!
  • 2018 North American Champion Sam Suied reveals his champion card after several days of teasing us with small fragments of the card.
  • Tripp Mirror announce a new album themed after Midnight Sun, to be released at the same time as the set, and show off a card that inspired one of the tracks on it.

July 16

  • Ysengrin posts a video on how to evaluate a card’s power level, sweetening the lesson with some NBN previews.
  • The Run Together Fundraiser launches on Near-Earth Hub, with a pack of alternate art cards whose sales will go towards helping people who might not be able to afford it get to Worlds. Click on it to check out the cards, as well as a cool Midnight Sun Criminal card preview!

July 17

July 18

  • M├ętropole Grid talks about three new Criminal cards which you won’t be able to wait to try out!
  • 2019 European Champion Aaryn “Drago” Byrne visits Ysengrin’s Youtube channel to reveal their champion card and talk about the Crowdfunding Freedom deck that won them Euros.
  • NISEI Narrative Director Morgan White talks about how their cat became a Netrunner card!
  • Sticking with the pet theme, Worlds 2021 runner-up Jonas Wilson had a card to preview, but it seems his pets have conspired to steal it from him! Fortunately, he had a camera, and was able to share photos of the card while the adorable critters were trying to escape with it. Visit the #tony channel in Stimhack Slack to see them!

We hope you’re enjoying Preview Season so far! Stick around as the rest of the set is revealed during this week!