Midnight Sun Pronunciation Guide

Hello Runners, Morgan here! I was originally going to be putting up the first in a series of articles about the narrative direction of Midnight Sun and the Borealis Cycle overall, some examples of what it was like working on the set, and what plans I have for the future… but unfortunately, some other circumstances have forced me to postpone that article. It’ll be up soon though, rest assured! 

In the meantime, here is the in-progress pronunciation guide for Midnight Sun! This was to be published alongside the aforementioned article. You’ll note that only cards previewed up to and including this publication date and time are included, but when the full set is released, we’ll publish a full pronunciation guide (and update this article to link to it). I’ll also be including some small notes on meanings or flavour once the set has been fully released.

I’d also like to personally thank NISEI Editor Ginevra Martin for their immense work handling the vast majority of this guide, as well as very special thanks to Oguz Han “lostgeek” Asnaz, Svetlana Tchistiakova and Brian “Saan” Williams for consulting with us for not only pronunciation but also other important questions related to linguistics.

Pronunciations are in IPA where available, then an approximation of phonetic pronunciation in Latin characters, and then Cyrillic script if relevant. If you’re unfamiliar with IPA, you can use an online tool like IPA Reader to vocalize the provided IPA pronunciations.

Card Names

Card no.Card name (English)IPA pronunciationLatin phonetic approximationCyrillic
01Esâ Afontov[ˈjesʲa][ɐˈfontɐv]ES-ah Ah-FON-tufEся Афонтов
02Chastushka[chɐˈstu̇shkə] [tɕɪsˈtuʂkə]chah-STUSH-kuhЧастушка
08Avgustina Ivanovskaya[ɐvgusˈtʲinə] [ivaˈnovskɐjə]ahv-gus-TEE-na ee-va-NOFF-skah-yaАвгусти́на Ивановская
11Nyusha “Sable” Sintashta[ˈnʲuʂə][sʲintɐˈʂta]NYOO-shuh sin-tah-SHTAНю́ша ‘Sable’ Синташта́
21Captain Padma Isbister[‘pəd̪mə][ɪ́zbɪsdə]PUHD-muh IHZ-bis-tuh
28Daeg, First Net-Cat[ˈdeɪɡ]DAY-g
34Trieste Model Bioroids[triˈɛste]tree-EST-eh
36Hákarl 1.0​[ˈhauːˌkʰa(r)tl̥]HOW-car-tl
48Pravdivost Consulting[prɐv’dʲivɐsʲtʲ]prahv-DI-vahstПравдивость
56Vladisibirsk City Grid[vɫədʲɪsʲɪˈbʲirsk]vluhd-isi-BEER-skВладисиби́рск
57Ob Superheavy Logistics[opʲ]OPОбь
58Azef Protocol[ɐ’zʲef]ah-ZYEFАзеф
59Svyatogor Excavator[svʲɪtɐˈɡor]svee-tah-GORСвятого́р


Related cardWord/NameIPA PronunciationLatin phonetic approximationCyrillic
01 (Esâ Afontov)xi/xir (pronouns)[ziː]/[zɪər]zee/zhir
13 (Pinhole Threading)Neneciğim[nənə’dʒi:m]neh-neh-JEEM
28 (Daeg, First Net-Cat)Buča[butʃa]BOO_cha
33 (Refuge Campaign)Thule[ˈθjuːliː]TH’YOO-lee
58 (Azef Protocol)Yakov Avdakovˈjakəf ɐˈvakəfYA-koff ah-VA-koffЯков Аваков

Midnight Sun will be released on July 22, 2022, as physical cards via NISEI’s print partners and pay-what-you want files for downloading and printing at home!


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