Magnum Opus Reprint

Announcing the upcoming reprint of the Magnum Opus set!

This set was released near the end of 2018, featuring six cards designed by winners of some of the most prestigious tournaments. It was only available to people who were able to attend the Magnum Opus event. Since then, many players have found it hard to get hold of the set, so NISEI is re-releasing it with brand new art, updated wording, and modernized templates and glyphs.

One of the wording changes this set introduces is the new terminology “Load/Empty”. Where previous cards would read “Place X credits from the bank on [card] when it is installed/rezzed” or something similar, from now on that will be shortened to “loading” the card, and having other effects (e.g. trashing the card) trigger when it’s “empty”. The new wording can be seen on the reprinted Crowdfunding. There is no functional change to how these cards work.

We’ve also made some small graphical changes:

  • The Agenda Point total now has a white symbol, highlighting the point value of an agenda more clearly.
  • The Weyland symbol has a thin white border around the “W” so it’s more visible while small.
  • The white of the NISEI logo on the card backs is less intense, so it will hopefully be less of an issue with card sleeves.

These changes were made due to feedback from the playerbase. Thanks for your continued support, and we promise to continue to grow and improve as an organization!

So get ready to slow roll Dan D’Argenio’s Timely Public Release, lockdown servers with Chris Dyer’s Border Control, or be rewarded for constant aggression with Sam Suied’s Crowdfunding all over again.

The Magnum Opus set will be available for PDF download and online purchase within the next three weeks.


  • NtscapeNavigator

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