Midnight Sun Misprints and Replacements

Update: This issue has now been resolved. Both MakePlayingCards and DriveThruCards sell the corrected versions of Midnight Sun.

Last Friday, we announced that Midnight Sun was released. However, over the weekend, we discovered three issues with prints from MakePlayingCards and DriveThruCards, and we have taken the products down while we fix them.

We regret the mistakes, and are offering free replacements for anyone that has purchased these cards and wants a fix. Details for requesting replacement cards are at the bottom of this article. We have submitted fixed files to MakePlayingCards and are in the process of replacing the file on DriveThruCards, so these issues should soon be resolved for future printings. However, at this time, DriveThruCards printings of Midnight Sun will still contain the misprints. We will update you when that is no longer true.

Here are the mistakes and the specific cards we will replace.

MakePlayingCards: Hákarl 1.0 [MS-36]

There was a spacing issue on Hákarl 1.0 on MakePlayingCards: the second subroutine was lower than it should have been. This issue should only affect a small set of prints, as we caught it early and were able to update the files quickly.

The text box of Hákarl 1.0. There is extra blank space between the two subroutines.

Both Printers: Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions [MS-48]

On Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions, there should be a yellow dividing line below the type line, between “Identity: Division” and the body text. This was missing from DriveThruCards English cards and MakePlayingCards Catalan, French, German, and Traditional Chinese cards.

The text box of Pravdivost Consulting. The yellow horizontal line that usually separates the card's type and subtype from the body text is missing.

DriveThruCards: Maskirovka [MS-61]

We’re amazed this one slipped past us, but a stray subroutine icon appeared below the flavor text on two of the three printed copies of Maskirovka when ordered from DriveThruCards. We think the flavor text is pretty fitting for this error! 

The text box from Maskirovka. Beneath the flavor text, there is an extra subroutine icon (with no associated text).

Getting Your Replacements

Most orders placed through MakePlayingCards or DriveThruCards should be filled in the coming weeks. As soon as you receive your printed cards, please verify if there is any issue with any of these cards listed above. If there is, please send the following information to support@nullsignal.games, with the subject line “Midnight Sun Replacement”, to receive a replacement for the affected cards, free of charge:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Cards to Replace:
  • Product (MPC 330, MPC 300, DTC):

If you need any further support with your cards, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We apologize for the mistake and want to make it right.

Questions and Answers

At this time, we can’t be sure if your order was affected by the misprint. If you notice any of these errors when your printed copy arrives, please contact us as described above and we’ll send you replacement cards.

Edit: This issue has now been corrected. Both DriveThruCards and MakePlayingCards contain the corrected versions of the set.

Changing the source file for a product on DriveThruCards requires a new proof to be ordered and reviewed. We have done this and requested the proof, but it still has to travel through the post. We expect to have it within 10 days.

The Midnight Sun product page here on NISEI.net currently has a warning about ordering from DriveThruCards. When we know that the new, fixed file is in place, we will remove that warning, update this question, and announce the change.

Yes. Because none of the errors affected gameplay-relevant text, you can use your misprinted cards in events.

Editor’s note, 2022-07-28: Updated to add “affected product” to the support request prompts.

Editor’s note, 2022-07-25: Updated this article to reflect that Catalan, French, German, and Traditional Chinese cards from MakePlayingCards also had the Pravdivost error. Added questions section.


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