A Moderation Decision Regarding an Incident at Worlds

Fellow Runners, 

During the 2023 Netrunner World Championship, a member of our community was disqualified from the tournament, and subsequently banned from the venue, for disruptive behaviour and a number of breaches of our Code of Conduct.

After reviewing the events that took place, including taking first hand accounts from those who were involved, we have taken the decision to ban Kai Jüttner, also known as “Late” and “2Late”, from taking part in all Null Signal Games-sanctioned events, effective immediately, for a period of one year. After that time, a member of the EDI team will follow up to determine whether this player is able to take further part in our events.

As an organization we want to make it clear that we will take action if it is apparent that someone is causing a space which we are responsible for to become unsafe. We encourage anyone who experiences disruptive or abusive behavior to report it to moderators, tournament organizers or other community stewards, so we can continue working together to ensure that the Netrunner community remains a safe space for everyone. 

As a specific reminder to the community, please note the following from our Organized Play Policy

Players are expected to ensure that playmats, sleeves, third-party alt-arts, and other materials are in good taste and in keeping with the principles found in the Code of Conduct. Sexualized artwork is specifically disallowed.

Safe runs to all!

This article was written with the full support of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team, NSG’s Organized Play Manager, the Vice President of Engagement and the President of Null Signal Games.