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Hi, Runners!

With a new year comes a new recruitment drive at Null Signal Games! First on the docket is the post of Community team lead (also known as Community Manager). We are recruiting for this first to ensure the position is filled before Set 2 of the Liberation Cycle is released, so they can shadow the current interim lead during preview season as part of their onboarding.

Who is this position for? We checked with Spencer, the previous Community team lead, and asked what he found rewarding about the job. He replied as follows:

I loved working as Community Manager for Null Signal Games. Netrunner is an amazing game with an even more amazing community, and as Community Manager, I got to share that enthusiasm daily. It was my job to facilitate two-way communication between the NSG team and the larger Netrunner community—which meant providing feedback to the organization to help us better meet our players’ needs, as well as sharing cool developments and insights from the NSG team’s perspective.

Maybe my favorite part of the work was preview seasons. Previewing a set is a whirlwind of emotions, but it’s hard to beat the excitement of players finally seeing the cards that have been under wraps and in development for years. I not only got to witness that excitement, I got to stoke it, helping craft players’ experiences to ensure their first look at the set was accessible, informative, and fun.

As Community Manager, I also was proud of the work I did to professionalize NSG’s communications. I believed that NSG could present ourselves with the polish and self-assuredness of any professional project, while also tending to what made us unique as a non-profit community organization. I made a style guide for our writing, participated in the first major overhaul of our website, and led us to develop a standard practice of announcing upcoming sets. Under my tenure, NSG became more transparent to the community, so players felt more informed as to what we were up to—even when this was difficult or disappointing news.

There’s still plenty of room for us to grow under a new Community Manager, of course. I enjoyed the time I had steering the ship, and I’m excited for someone with new enthusiasm to take the helm.

Spencer Wharton

We would like to thank Spencer for their time as Community Manager, and while we’re sad to see them move away from this role, we’re excited at the prospect of finding a new Community Team Lead for the future. 

Community Team Lead

As the Community Team Lead, you will oversee the direct interactions between Null Signal Games and the larger Netrunner community, including via the website and our social media accounts. You’ll set the tone for how NSG communicates externally, plan social media campaigns, and preview seasons for new sets.

You will oversee the Community team, which includes the website/blog team (composed of two editors and a Lead Editor), and the social media team (composed of two social media editors). Outside the Community team, you will frequently collaborate with the Marketing team to coordinate publicity pushes, the EDI team on moderation issues, the Product team to convey to players the information they need about our sets and how to get them, and the Web Dev team to maintain the website.

Interpersonal skills are very important in this role! The Community Team Lead is frequently interacting with the Netrunner player base via social media, and is simultaneously responsible for interacting with their team and NSG leadership. 

Timeframe: The candidate needs to be in place by February 25, 2024. Applications close on Saturday, February 17, 2024.


  • Develop and execute a consistent strategy for interfacing with the Netrunner playerbase on behalf of Null Signal Games
  • Maintain Null Signal Games’ relationship with the Netrunner community
  • Lead the Community team, which is responsible for broader Netrunner content creation and includes these sub-teams:
    • Web Content/NSG Website
    • Social Media
  • Plan and execute significant messaging pushes, including product announcements and set previews

Current/Upcoming Projects

  • Oversee Community team recruitment, including social media editors and website editors
  • Review the structure of the website
  • Review the organization of information with the Community team
  • Oversee preview season for set 2 of the Liberation cycle (which will have already been planned by the existing team)

Must-have skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong skills for relationship management
  • Management/leadership skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Enthusiasm for Netrunner!

Preferred skills

(These skills would be nice, but can be learned in role.)

  • Familiarity with WordPress
  • Familiarity with many social media platforms, including Instagram, Discord, Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, and Mastodon


As a leadership post, in which it will be necessary to oversee and assign tasks to members of your team, it is likely you will spend between 6-10 hours a week on it. This can be significantly reduced with good delegation.

Since this is a team leadership role, it is important that the Community Team Lead be available and willing to check in with their team regularly to ensure they have what they need to fulfil their roles, at a frequency you determine appropriate. Additional meetings, such as with other NSG team leads, occur at irregular intervals as required. Our team is split across the globe, so some flexibility with time zones is helpful for meetings.

A note on diversity

Our current team also acknowledges that the tabletop industry as a whole needs to do a better job with diversity. We are prioritizing those applicants that can bring to NSG different experiences and points of view than what we currently have on our team.

NOTE: Null Signal Games is a volunteer organization. All roles at Null Signal Games are unpaid.

To apply for the role of Community Team Lead, click here. Applications close on Saturday, February 17, 2024.


  • Tamijo

    Tamijo is Null Signal's Recruitment Team Lead, and has been a member of the EDI Team since its inception. It enjoys anarch decks, tags, and how queer this community is.