Community Roundup 8 May, 2022

Following a bit of a hiatus, we’re back with a brief roundup of the latest Netrunner happenings!

  • Some upcoming tournaments in custom community-made formats to begin with! First is a new format entitled #readerror invented by Swan. The cardpool consists of Startup (System Gateway, System Update, plus one cycle), but with an FFG cycle instead of the Ashes Cycle. To join the first asynchronous (one game per week) tournament in this format, in which the SanSan Cycle takes the place of Ashes, join the Green Level Clearance discord and head to the channel #green-heart before 16 May.
  • Abram is organizing another Reboot Reconstructed asynchronous tournament on Green Level Clearance, starting on 15 May. Info on how to join here!
  • Although 2022 Circuit Opener kits haven’t reached tournament organizers quite yet, tournaments have already started happening as TOs try to use up their 2021 kits before the new ones arrive! If you’ve been out of the loop since Worlds, here’s YsengrinSC with a well-timed overview of the current meta in Standard to help get you get back up to speed!
  • Retromancer return with their one-month review of the Midnight Sun Booster Pack cards! Listen in here!
  • Last month, the Stimhack Slack community met up in a New England beachfront home for an event they called “Mansionrunner” – an entire weekend of Netrunner and board games, including a Billions-themed tournament. Here’s a few photos courtesy of DanB to motivate anyone who might be thinking about going along for the next one!
  • NISEI attended PAX East last month, running a demo booth, as well as a learn to play event in the community area which had a line going out the door! Here’s some of the highlights of that weekend, again courtesy of DanB!
  • Since this weekend was Bandcamp Friday again, we’re reposting Always Be Running by Trip Mirror as our music offering!

That’s all this week! Don’t forget to get in touch through the NISEI social media accounts if you want anything to be included in the next roundup!