Community Roundup 30 June 2022

We’re back after a slightly longer gap than usual for another update on the latest happenings in the Netrunner community!

  • After extensive archival research in old NISEI inboxes dating from before we switched email providers, I now declare the NISEI Around The World page, where you can find information on local groups of Netrunner players, is finally up to date. If your local meetup isn’t listed on there, or the information is out of date, please contact us.
  • NISEI’s presence at the UK Games Expo last month generated a lot of online chatter and press coverage. Find a couple of our favorite videos embedded below, and click the accordion to check out the exclusive Midnight Sun spoiler we revealed at UKGE!
Tabletop24 Interview with Serenity at UKGE
OnTableTop Live Interview with Serenity at UKGE
Pinhole Threading. Event: Run, Criminal, 1 Influence, 1 Cost. Run any server. If successful, instead of breaching the attacked server, access 1 card in the root of another server. If that card is an agenda, you cannot steal or trash it during this access. Flavour text: Nenecigim would be proud.
Pinhole Threading
  • Here’s an absolutely gushing review of System Gateway by GLHF which is nothing short than a love letter to Netrunner. Nick’s enthusiasm is incredibly infectious, and they explain the core mechanics of the game in a concise and digestible way. If you have a friend or loved one you’re trying to get hooked to Netrunner, this is the video to send to them.
GLHF Netrunner / NISEI review
  • Tabletop Live Network did an 8-hour marathon fundraising live stream in support of TabletopGaymers. They passed their funding goal and gave away 5 copies of System Gateway donated by NISEI! Congrats to the winners!
  • Check out Sokka234‘s live commentary of his own games at an online GNK!
  • The Slumscast is back with special guest Tolaasin talking about community moderation and my favourite subject, Geist!
  • Thanks to Werwerf for providing this template for 3D-printable deck boxes for System Gateway which you can download and 3D-print yourself!
  • Check out these amazing stained glass-style alternate arts of the System Gateway IDs by Kalypso (also known for the Jinteki watercolor arts)!
  • Did you know that such a thing as M├ętropole Grid/Yu-Gi-Oh! fan fiction exists? Well, it does now! You can read it here, and then watch Andrej react to it!
  • I was planning to plug the asynchronous RetRunner tournament which just started over on Green Level Clearance, seeing as the card pool for it is Core to Data & Destiny, which was one of my favorite periods of competitive Netrunner. Since I was ill and wasn’t able to post this in time though, allow me to direct you to any of GLC’s asynchronous casual leagues in either the Startup, Standard, or Eternal formats, which anyone can drop in and out of at will. Just join the appropriate channel (#startup-league, #standard-league or #eternal-league) and tag “@Organizer” to sign up!
  • Just a week left for the Off The Grid US National Championship! The tournament now allows you to buy tickets for the main event or the Gods of the Grid team event separately if you only wish to attend one of them. See here for some cool photos of Off The Grid 2021!
  • STOP THE PRESSES! Yet another podcast snuck an episode in just after publication time! But even Retromancer cannot escape the righteous fury of the edit button, as you can see by clicking here!

That’s all for this roundup! Please send us a tip on any of our social accounts if you know of any cool stuff that should be reported on in our next edition!