Community Roundup 21 May 2022

Back again for a few brief notes on some cool things happening in the Netrunner community!

  • Startup fans! With the Ashes Cycle rotating when Midnight Sun is released, Shruthless is organizing the Ashes to Ashes Startup Tournament. It will be held online and asynchronously (one game a week, at a time agreed on with your opponent) via the Green Level Clearance Discord, starting on 22 May. Signups close in only a few hours (I know, sloppy of me, sorry!) so head over to the ABR link and click on the signup form!
  • Retromancer are back with a new episode with special guest Ed, promoting the Ashes to Ashes tournament, which they helped organize, announcing special additional prize support for it, and expertly segueing into other topics such as castles, curry, and modding the GLC Discord.
  • The 2022 edition of Off The Grid has been officially announced! Taking place in FFG’s former GameCenter (now GameZenter) in Roseville, MN on 8-10 July, OTG is one of Netrunner’s most longstanding community-organized tournaments! Check out the link to get the hot scoops on three days of netrunning fun, and check the gallery below for photos of OTG 2021 if you need extra incentive to attend!

  • Controlling the Message has been a mainstay in the game since its introduction, managing to pull out respectable tournament performances even when everything in the meta seems stacked against it. YsengrinSC gets together with Jakuza and anarchomushroom to discuss it, figure out why it’s so good, and how to beat it.
  • Although Chezni started streaming Netrunner around two years ago, it’s only when they became active again recently that I became aware of them. Head to their Twitch channel, and if you enjoy the show hit the follow button!

That’s it for this edition! Make sure to send us a tip about anything interesting you’d like to see included in a future roundup!