Community Roundup 27 March 2022

A rare Sunday edition of the Community Roundup, gathering some more news about content and upcoming tournaments!

  • Tournaments! Tournaments! Tournaments! The release of the Midnight Sun Booster Pack has made people excited to play with some new cards, and first up we have an asynchronous, one-game-a-week tournament organized by Vale! This starts at noon UTC tomorrow and registration closes an hour before that, so hurry up and register! More information on AlwaysBeRunning!
  • Vesper is going all-in and running and streaming two tournaments in one day on Sunday, 10 April! In the morning there’s another Lockdown tournament, and in the evening we have a brand new format called Startup Plus, in which you can add a Standard-legal card and ID to your Startup deck! More details about the format on the event’s ABR page.
  • If you’re only just getting back into the game, and you need to catch up before you can Deep Dive into the Midnight Sun Booster Pack, watch old hand The Thoughtful Gamer reviewing every single System Gateway and Ashes card!
  • Move straight on from the previous video into Sokka234 reviewing every single Midnight Sun Booster Pack card, complete with example decklists showing you how to best show them off!
  • Before you get the itch to deckbuild with all the cards in the previous video, take a few minutes to watch Ysengrin’s very useful primer on how to evaluate ice and know which ones to include in your deck!
  • Then forget all about Ysengrin’s video and watch the beautiful moment 58′ into this video by M├ętropole Grid.

Music this week is by dantheasp who’s threatening to Flatline My Heart. Got something cool to share? Send it over to us so we can include it in the next roundup!