Community Roundup 24 February 2022

Thursdays are for trying to remember whether you’re supposed to publish a Community Roundup this week or the next! Seems simpler to just compile a list of some of the most interesting recent Netrunner happenings and call it a day.

  • Thursday Giveaways have become a bit of a tradition over at the NISEI Twitter, so go enter! This week Dan is raffling off some exclusive prizes from…
  • B-COM! After a 2-year long COVID-enforced hiatus, the Barcelona Netrunner crew is ready to welcome all and sundry back to their beautiful city for 3 fun-packed days of Netrunner between 1st-3rd April! Find out about their custom prize support, zany side-events, and how to sign up on their Always Be Running page!
  • As in-person tournaments restart, online tournaments start to wind down. This Saturday, 26 February, sees the last of the regularly-scheduled Random Access Memories tournaments. Lostgeek says that RAM may return for special one-offs, and the tools to randomly generate a card pool and run your own tournament will remain on his site. Details on how to join the tournament on Always Be Running. Watch the card pool generation on the NISEI Twitch at 3PM UTC, with round one beginning two hours later.
  • In preparation for RAM, you can watch YsengrinSC practice deckbuilding from random card pools. And if you need motivation to play in either RAM or B-COM, you can listen to them explain why Netrunner tournaments are fun and welcoming!
  • We’ve discovered why SanSanFrancisco haven’t streamed in a little while: they’ve been trapped in 1985 2014!
  • Sokka‘s Argus video motivated me to hastily proxy 3x Azef Protocols and slip them into an old Argus deck for casual Netrunner night. It was fun!
  • Listen to the Slumscast crew, with guests Sanjay and Alexis, go over their global download stats and not mention my country ONCE! Beef initiated.

No music this week, but if Music is a late addition courtesy of Deep Phake and their Netrunner-themed concept album Reclamation! If somebody wants to promote their Soundcloud (or, you know, some Netrunner stuff), get in touch with us through the NISEI social accounts to have it included in the next roundup!