Community Roundup 13 January 2022

This started out as a quick update, but it turns out there have been a lot of community happenings in the past month despite the holiday lull. Prepare for a cavalcade of news!

  • First order of business is the next 2-week period of Random Access Memories, which will kick off this Saturday, 15 January with another card pool draw, followed by another tournament! The draw will take place at 8AM UTC, followed by a 2-hour period of deckbuilding. The tournament will start at 10.30AM UTC. Both will be streamed on the NISEI Twitch channel.
  • A reminder that if you can’t make the tournament, the drawn card pool will be the “official” RAM card pool for the next 2 weeks for you to try out for yourselves! You can check which packs were drawn on our Supported Formats page, and Lostgeek has created a legality checker for the format here.
  • Kicking off about 6 hours after the RAM tournament is expected to end, the fan-favourite Throwback format makes a return in a tournament organised by nbkelly! Details about the format and how to sign up can be found on its ABR page. I’m unaware if anyone will be streaming it live, but, if anyone is planning to, let me know and I’ll edit this post. And if anyone is brave enough to play in both the RAM and the Throwback tournaments, I would love to hear from you too!
  • In yet more custom-format news, the Green Level Clearance Discord (invite link) have just completed their first weekly league in Abram Jopp’s new Reboot Preconstructed format! They’re gearing up to start another one, so if you’re interested check out details about the format here, and join GLC to participate!
  • We shamefully forgot to plug Shiiuga’s Janksgiving Charity Tournament, which raised $540 for food charities worldwide! Cook_Ed streamed part of the action here (that link will likely expire in 2 days). Congratulations to Shiiuga and everyone who participated!
  • Speaking of Ed, he and Sanjay have also just started a new series of weekly streams intended to help Startup players familiarise themselves with Standard. They go through a single Standard-legal pack each episode, starting from the oldest ones still in the card pool. The first episode, talking about Khala Ghoda, is here, and there’ll be a new one every Friday at 9PM UTC.
  • Not one but TWO new kids on the block have started streaming Netrunner recently! One is sokka234, and the other is simplytheonion, both names I’m sure you’re familiar with! Go follow their channels!
  • Do you like desserts and old, busted cards? The Shadow Net‘s Christmas Bake-off reaches its epic conclusion in their latest episode! Listen to it here, or ignore what they have to say and just look at the cool entries here!
  • If I weren’t both too lazy and and too bad at baking to enter the bake-off myself, my entry surely would have referenced Astroscript Pilot Program. Clearly, only YsengrinSC understands me, as he finally covers Fastrobiotics in his latest Record Reconstructor episode!
  • Last time, I promised you more details from DanB and June representing NISEI at PaxU. Luckily, Retromancer already has it covered, with an exhaustive interview with Dan in their latest episode!
  • STOP THE PRESSES! Extra special late addition from Slumscast! What is it? What could it mean? What are they scooping? I don’t know, #IDon’tListenToTheSlumscast.

That’s all for this issue! If you have anything you’d like us to include in the next one, please contact either NISEI or me personally through all the usual channels!