Crown of Lasers – Extra Tickets

A new (and final) batch of team tickets for Crown of Lasers will be made available on:

Sunday, 11 August 15.00 (UTC/GMT)

In the timezones that we expect most runners to hail from, that is equal to:

– Berlin (Germany) – Sunday, 11 August 17.00 (UTC +2)
– London (UK) – Sunday, 11 August 16.00 (UTC +1)
– New York (USA) – Sunday, 11 August 11.00 (UTC -4)
– San Francisco (USA) – Sunday, 11 August 08.00 (UTC -7)

With the Crown of Lasers tournament tickets selling out within hours of them being made available, we felt it only right to give all interested runners ample opportunity to get their team ticket for the event. Selling out this fast was quite unexpected, so we took our time to properly prepare and consider to what size the event would be expanded. Expect plumes of laser smoke wafting from the Netherlands.

Crown of Lasers will be expanded to 150 players. This means that there will be 30 team tickets (1 ticket per 3 player team) made available at the time mentioned above. There will be a reserve list for complete teams.

Registering your IDs and team

All participants/teams must tell the tournament organiser (TO) – Jakuza – what IDs they will be playing by Friday, 30 August.

Once your team has purchased a ticket, please tell the TO what IDs your team will be playing, who the 3 players in your team are and your team name. Contacting the TO directly through Stimslack (look for: Jakuza) is preferred, but you can also use the Stimhack forum topic. Alternatively, you can send an email to with “Crown of Lasers team IDs” as your subject.


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