Announcing the Creator Resources Portal

We are excited to announce a new set of resources for Netrunner content creators! 

To start with, the Creator Resources Portal will contain high resolution images of the cards and a curated selection of card art for use in streams, videos, or other content. We can’t wait to see what the amazing creators in our community do with these new resources!

We will be adding more resources to the Portal in the future – if you’re a content creator and you have specific ideas for what kind of resources you’d like to have access to, please feel free to reach out. 

To apply for access to the Creator Resources Portal, send an email to with the subject “Creator Resources Portal” and the following information:

  • Where can your content be found online?
  • Which Google account (or accounts) would you like to use to access the Portal?

Any creator who has demonstrated a commitment to producing Netrunner content for at least three months is qualified to apply. We’ll get back to you within 5 to 10 days with details on how to access the resources.

More details can be found on our Media page.


  • izzy

    Izzy (she/they) is the Community Team Lead for NSG. She can be found scoring agendas behind ice in Jinteki and exploring the mountains of Vermont with her camera!