This is a page for creators of Netrunner-related audio/visual media. If you are a member of the media and want to reach out to us, please contact us through

Netrunner content

Where to find Netrunner streams and video content.

Streaming / recording support

Are you organizing an online Netrunner event and would like to have it streamed or recorded? You can request our support using this form.


The tools and assets we use to make our media happen.

Null Signal Games uses Open Broadcaster Software to stream and record its online events.

Tips & tricks


  • Run a small test stream or recording when you change a lot of video settings. This will help you check that your stream is OK to go live.
  • (OBS) Remember that you can scale different elements of your scene to fit your output resolution.
  • (OBS) Remember that you can adjust your streaming quality and size to your bandwidth and processing power.
  • (OBS) Make sure your browser window is displayed in “Preview” and “Live” panes correctly. If you encounter issues (e.g. a blank screen) try setting your browser’s “Hardware Acceleration” setting to “off”.
  • (Twitch) Make sure you are using the right game category (“Netrunner“) for increased discoverability.


  • Consider hiding the bookmarks bar of the browser window(s) you are going to show on stream. This improves readability and can prevent displaying your private information accidentally. You can hide your bookmarks bar and go full screen for most modern browsers. To learn more, please visit the help center of the browser you are using.
  • Consider using the full screen view for each browser tab you are showing to maximize visibility and minimize distractions. To learn more, please visit the help center of the browser you are using.
  • Consider using custom CSS to adjust the font sizes/readability for or other sites you are going to stream.
  • Consider using a “dark mode” or custom CSS for any pages you are going to be displaying frequently, to improve readability and decrease eye strain.
  • We recommend using the Stylus browser extension for CSS customizations. You can find Stylus in your preferred browser’s extension repository. With basic CSS knowledge you can customize many elements of (including table background images) and NetrunnerDB.


  • Make sure all your audio inputs are properly configured in OBS (active/used ones are monitored, all the other ones are muted or disabled).
  • Make sure your audio levels are properly adjusted before entering the stream. This includes sounds, Discord or Skype audio/video chats you might be including, etc.
  • Remember that you can fine-tune the audio levels of people on a call in Discord by right-clicking their avatar in the audio room and using the volume slider.
  • If you are using background music, make sure it’s not too loud. You can review that in the OBS “Audio” panel.

We would like to thank Tripp Mirror for providing us with Netrunner-themed music for streaming. Check out the Always Be Running series of releases (Bandcamp).

Example Stylus CSS customization for

We recommend downloading and installing the Stylus extension for your preferred browser. You can also copy the source code of each customization and use it in most other CSS tweaking solutions.

You can combine both sets of tweaks in the same CSS file, if you want to – or use them separately for added flexibility (e.g. if you want to easily be able to change just the table backgrounds). Go ahead and experiment!

Basic OBS Scene template

You can download the file below, change its extension from .txt to .json and import it to OBS using the Import option in the Scene menu.

It is yours to play around with, tweak, and expand in any way you want.

Coming later

  • Assets for streaming Netrunner.
  • Podcasting tips.

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