Announcing the 2024 EMEA Continental Championship

We are excited to announce that this year’s Europe, Middle East & Africa Continental Championship (EMEA) will take place in the charming alpine city of Bergamo, Italy during the weekend of June 28-30th 2024. The event is organized by Atien, hosted by Spazio Polaresco and supported by Null Signal Games.

This event will have the same prizing as the two online Continental Championships (exact contents to be announced in the near future). As in previous years, the top four players of all Continental Championships will be awarded invitations to this year’s online Intercontinental Championship.

Registration for the EMEA Continental Championship 2024 is open now!
Visit the official registration page for all the details.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

Day 1 (Friday the 28th) will host a Crown of Servers style team tournament. Players will form teams of three where no team can duplicate factions between members. Table talk is encouraged in this exciting variant of tournament Netrunner.

Day 2 (Saturday the 29th) will be the Double-Sided Swiss rounds for the Standard main event. Day 3 (Sunday the 30th) will feature the top cut of the Standard main event, plus some side events which will be announced closer to the time. In addition to NSG prizing, the Tournament Organizers will be providing additional prizes such as faction mugs for the best players in each faction.

There will be other non-Netrunner events happening as part of the weekend at Spazio Polaresco as well. Details coming soon – for now, know that EMEA 2024 will be a fantastic celebration of the game and the wonderful community that exists around it.

Atien and her team will also be hosting three monthly online tournaments leading up to EMEA called “Fly to EMEA”, to help players prepare for the tournament. There will be non-NSG alt-arts offered as prizes, and the money raised in these tournaments will go towards helping players who need financial aid in traveling to EMEA (think Run Together). To make sure you don’t miss them, keep an eye on AlwaysBeRunning and the “Upcoming Tournaments” channel of the GLC Discord server.


  • Odonuvo

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