Announcing Run Together 2024

The Netrunner World Championship is open to anyone in the community, regardless of how much experience they have with the game. That said, it can still cost a lot to travel, sort accommodation, and purchase your tickets.

Run Together was an initiative started in 2022 by DanB to help more people get to Worlds. He put together a pack of alt art cards illustrated by members of the Netrunner community and put them on sale, with all proceeds going towards financially helping people get to the World Championship in Toronto who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford it.

This year, Run Together is continuing – bigger and better than ever! The aim is to sell at least two packs of cards (potentially more if enough art is donated), starting this month with the Run Together 2024 Spring Pack. The Spring Pack contains a full playset of 20 different Standard-legal cards, with new art by members of the community!

A selection of art from the Run Together 2024 Spring Pack. Artists (clockwise from top left): SeaRose, nin419, Ginevra Martin, Nicola Preda, Rhiannon McCullough, ZoeHope

You can also donate to the fund without purchasing a pack by sending money to this Paypal account with the note “Run Together”.

NSG’s involvement

Run Together is a community project, and is not an official Null Signal Games initiative, even though it has been run by members of the organization outside of their role within it. That remains true, although this year Null Signal Games has offered to help distribute the packs for a limited time as this provides us a larger share of the proceeds, meaning more of your money goes into the fund than if you ordered directly from a print on demand service. By ordering through NSG, the distribution department will be able to handle fulfillment and streamline the process for everyone involved.

The Run Together 2024 Spring Pack will be available for a pre-order period (ending Sunday 12 May, 2024) from Null Signal Games’ online storefront, after which it will be made available on Drive Thru Cards and MakePlayingCards for printing on demand. There’s no pressure to purchase the pack from one source or another, but pre-ordering through Null Signal Games ensures your money is being spent most efficiently for the fundraiser.

For more information on how to order Run Together packs after the pre-order period ends, and to see all 20 cards in the pack, see the page on Near Earth Hub.

How to apply for funding

Netrunner Worlds is always a fabulous celebration of the game and its community. The World Championship itself is only one part of the best three days in the Netrunner year.

If you want to attend this year’s World Championship in San Francisco, but don’t feel you can justify the cost, please apply for financial help through this form:

We cannot promise we will be able to help everyone, but we will be working to ensure that funding is offered in an equitable fashion. A small committee will look at both the level of need as well as ensuring people from all walks of life and communities get a chance to participate in one of the cornerstone events of the year.

How to help

There are two ways you can help get as many people to Worlds as possible:

  1. Offer a room! If you have already made accommodation plans, or are in the process of doing so, please fill out this form if you are able to offer rooms for Run Together recipients to stay in for the duration of the event.
  2. Donate art! Run Together cannot exist without the amazing art provided by the community. We accept art from people with any level of experience, in any medium. In the past we’ve had digital art, paintings, pencil sketches, stitched art, and photographs. There have been donations from long-time official Netrunner illustrators and from people who are just beginning to explore their artistic side. If you’ve ever wanted to get into art but were just waiting for an excuse, pick a card and put something together!

For more about how to donate art, see the Near Earth Hub page, or join the Green Level Clearance Discord server, where we have a channel dedicated to organizing artwork submissions.

A note about previous sales

Due to an error, the Run Together 2024 Spring Pack was briefly available on Drive Thru Cards and MakePlayingCards at the start of this month. The prices offered on these sites when accounting for delivery may be more than what is offered in the Null Signal Games pre-order. If you purchased a pack and paid more than you would have through the Null Signal Games storefront, please contact


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