Announcing our next Lead Designer

We are thrilled to announce that our search for a new Lead Designer for Netrunner has concluded. The person selected to lead the way into the future will be Zoe Cohen!

Zoe, a long-standing member of Null Signal Games, has been a dynamic force across multiple teams. While a core part of the Development team, she has also contributed in Design, Narrative, and Visual. Her multifaceted contributions and immense potential make us enthusiastic about her stepping into this new role. 

Without further ado, let’s give the floor to Zoe to let her introduce herself:

Liberated Accounts art by Zoe Cohen
Liberated Accounts by Zoe Cohen

Hi everyone, I’m Zoe, and I’ve just accepted the role of Lead Designer here at Null Signal Games. I’m so excited to continue the work of my predecessors, and honored that my peers have trusted me with stewardship of the game we all love so much. I’ve been a Netrunner player for nearly a decade. Some friends from our local story gaming community introduced me to the game during Spin Cycle, and I was captivated immediately. Since then, I’ve put up some okay tournament results, hosted multiple iterations of my local community’s meetup, and contributed occasional streams and recorded tournament games. 

I joined Null Signal as a playtester for Uprising, and joined the Development team during work on System Gateway and System Update 2021. I’ve contributed some fiction and some art, and I joined the Design team for work on Borealis. The Liberation Cycle is the first product I’ve been involved with as a designer from the very beginning, and the cycle to follow will be my first release as a set lead designer. Looking towards the future, I want to bring the game we all know and love to a wider audience, to better showcase our characters and world-building, and to keep showing the world that games are better without the profit motive.

When I’m not working on Netrunner, I’m probably playing music. I’m a multi-instrumentalist specialising in electric bass. I play in several groups, including a folk-punk band called The Window Smashing Job Creators, and the house band for local DIY theater production Punk Shrek (Gay): The Play. I can also be found volunteering at mutual aid distribution events, reading speculative fiction, or fawning over every cat I see.

You’ll be able to hear more from Zoe about her design philosophy and the direction she wishes to take the game in over the next few weeks!

Finally, we would like to express our profound gratitude to McGregor. His vital role as the interim Lead Designer ensured smooth continuity of our work following June’s departure. His commitment and dedication have been greatly appreciated, and we are very thankful for his efforts!

Please join us in congratulating Zoe as we start the next chapter in the history of Netrunner with her!