Accelerated Meta Test April 15 Online Tournament

Hello Again Runners and Sysops!

We had a ton of fun running the last Accelerated Meta Test. Thanks everyone who came out and a huge congratulations to SebastianK! I look forward to seeing him and DeeR at the Circuit Breaker Invitational at the start of next year.

We’ve lined up the next AMT — and it’s right around the corner. This one will be on April 15th starting at 10am CET (8am UTC). You can indicate interest on Always Be Running, and the event will be run through our Online Event Discord. We anticipate this one being 4 rounds again with a cut to top 4. We’re still looking for casters. So if you’re interested in casting, please reach out to me (Ysengrin) on Slack/Discord or the Organized Play email (op@nullsignal.games).

We hope to see you then for a day of fun, intense games!