2023 World Championship Prize Support

As the 2023 World Championship looms ever closer, it’s finally time to reveal the card and non-card prizes for the events taking place over that weekend! As a few of the prizes have not yet been finalized by the artists, we will be updating this article periodically as we’re ready to show them. We will also be revealing the remaining previews in a variety of community spaces between now and the tournament, so keep your eyes open!

If you missed any of our previous posts about this year’s World Championship, all of it can be found under this tag. Don’t forget that you can join the dedicated Discord server set up so attendees can coordinate, organize activities outside the tournament, and get information from locals about places to stay at and visit while in Barcelona!

2023 Standard World Championship

This is the premier, main event for the 2023 World Championship Weekend, in the most established competitive format for Netrunner. Check out Always Be Running and mark yourself down as going. Here are the prizes you can expect to see this year for Standard:

Prize fan for the 2023 World Championship Standard event.
Standard event prize fan
  • 1st Place: Title of ‘2023 World Champion’.  Opportunity to work with Design and Development on a Champion Card. One-of-a-kind Behold! playmat (Illustrated by Scott Uminga). 2023 World Champion Trophy (by Jakuza).
  • Top 4: 2023 World Championship organic cotton drawstring backpack
  • Top 16: Faux Leather 2023 Worlds Deck Box
  • Top 32: World Tree Playmat (Illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne)
  • Top Half: Borealis Runner Avatar Identities (Illustrated by Ferenc Patkós)
  • 27 Points: Cezve alternate art card (Illustrated by BalanceSheet)
  • 18 Points: Mavirus alternate art card (Illustrated by Cat Shen)
  • 9 Points: NGO Front alternate art card (Illustrated by Kira L. Nguyen)
  • Participation: Threat Tracker (with art by Scott Uminga)
2023 World Championship Behold! playmat
2023 Standard Borealis Avatar Identities card fan
Borealis digital avatar alternate art ID cards

2023 Startup Championship

This event will be running on Sunday only in a Single Sided Swiss format. Check out Always Be Running and mark yourself down as going. Here are the prizes you can expect to see this year for Startup:

  • 1st Place: Title of ‘2023 Startup Champion’. Opportunity to work with Organized Play on a Reigning Champion Card. One-of-a-kind Saci Playmat (Illustrated by Anthony Hutchings).
  • Top 8: Faux Leather 2023 Worlds Deck Box
  • Top 16: Vladisibirsk City Grid Playmat (Illustrated by Kira L. Nguyen)
  • 18 Points: Conduit alternate art card (Illustrated by David Prieto)
  • 9 Points: Punitive Counterstrike alternate art card (Illustrated by Toby Woodman)
  • Participation: No Free Lunch alternate art card (Illustrated by Mauricio Herrera)
2023 World Championship Startup event card fan.
Startup Championships prize fan
2023 World Championship Startup event champion's playmat

B·COM Crown of Servers Extravaganza

2023 Crown of Serers team event card fan
Crown of Servers team event card fan

This tournament is a more casual experience where you battle vs other teams. As is tradition going back since before our time helming the game, this is the inaugural event to kick off the World Championship Weekend. Check out Always Be Running and mark yourself down as going.

Prize support you can expect to see:

  • 1st Place Team: B•COM Trophy (handmade by Ramon Pallares)
  • Top Half: Botulus alternate art card (Illustrated by Alexis Spicer)
  • Participation: Big Deal alternate art card (Illustrated by Pommes)

Expect to see Jakuza laser IDs on offer as prizes too!

Side Events

All throughout the weekend, there will be several more opportunities to win prizes outside of the main tournament events. We will have Side Event prize kits which we will hand out to anyone running their own side event. These events can be Netrunner-based in any format. Let us know what you want to run and we’ll come up with some excuse to toss prizes at you! We have kits tailored to Eternal, Startup, and Standard.

Side event prize kits card fan
Card fan of side event prize kits


In addition to all the lovely prizing, we have also refreshed our Judge Reward for this year. The World Championship will not be the only opportunity to get this coveted prize, but it is the first. For those that don’t know, these prizes are awarded to judges, organizers, and volunteers that help out at large scale events we organize or show support for.

This year, the staff and volunteer promos will be a World Tree playmat (illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne), and a Solidarity Badge alternate art card (illustrated by Marlon Ruiz).

2023 World Championship volunteer prizes
Volunteer reward promos


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