2022 World Championship Schedule

To help everyone with expectations and planning, we’ve decided to release a tentative schedule for all of the events at the 2022 World Championship Weekend. Plenty of this is very loose, so allow for gaps between your plans and the events if you can. Also keep your eyes out for side games and events that are happening; not everyone who has something going on lets us know!

Before You Arrive

We announced previously that ArriveCAN would be necessary to enter the country of Canada. This is no longer the case starting October 1st. You may still complete the verification if you want, but the Canadian government will no longer enforce it as a requirement.

We urge everyone to mask when at airports or on public transportation, and will still be moving forward with all announced precautions. This includes mandatory use of masks within our event space, and showing your vaccination status to receive an event badge. Do not forget your vax cards!

Main Events

These are all of the main, ticketed events we’re holding on the 2022 World Championship Weekend. You can purchase tickets for any event the night before it runs. Ticketing info is in another article.

Day 0 – October 6th – Pre-Registration

12:00PM to 9:00PM

For early arrivers, we will have a table set up on the concourse floor (one level below the lobby) where you can pick up your badges, masks, and participation prizes. To receive all the above, you will need to show us Proof of Vaccination, either in physical or digital form. If you have any issues finding the table, just mention the “NISEI World Championship” to the hotel staff and they’ll direct you to us. The hotel staff don’t know about our new name—you’ll have much better luck if you ask for “NISEI” instead of “Null Signal Games”.

Day 1 – October 7th – Crown of Servers

8:30AM Registration, 10:00AM Start, 12:30PM Lunch, 6:15PM End

This is the traditional inaugural event of a proper World Championship Weekend: a team tournament with three (3) people per team all presenting different factions. We expect this to go five (5) rounds of Swiss only, with a tentative 45-minute tiebreaker 6th round if the top two (2) teams are tied on points. Allow time for awarding prizes after tournament end, if you want to be there for that.

Day 2 – October 8th – (Standard) World Championship Swiss

9:00AM Registration, 10:00AM Start, 12:30PM Lunch, 8:45PM End

The premier competitive event of the 2022 season, the World Championship, will be run in the Standard format and complete only Swiss and tiebreaker rounds this day. We are estimating seven (7) rounds of Swiss, with a final 45-minute tiebreaker for those on matched points. We will be announcing the Top 16 Cut before end of day, so allow time for that. We will award prizes for anyone not making the Cut after the Swiss rounds end; those making the Cut will receive their prizes on Day 3.

Day 3 – October 9th – Startup World Championship

8:30AM Registration, 9:30AM Start, 12:30PM Lunch, 4:30PM End of Swiss, 8:00PM End

The first of its kind, this is the crowning event for the Startup format in 2022. It will be treated as a Casual tier event per the Organized Play Policies and unfortunately due to logistical concerns will have a reduced number of Swiss rounds, Top Cut, and no tiebreakers. We are planning on five (5) rounds of Swiss and a Top 4 Cut. We will be distributing prizes immediately after the event ends.

Day 3 – October 9th – (Standard) World Championship Cut

9:00AM Registration, 10:00AM Start, 12:30PM Lunch, 6:30PM End

This is a Top 16 Double-Elimination bracket coming from the World Championship held on Day 2. It could be anywhere from seven (7) to eight (8) rounds of 45 minutes, depending on how the Finals and Grand Finals go. Finals and beyond will be untimed. We will award all World Championship prizes on conclusion.

Side Events

These are all the side events we have planned and know about for the 2022 World Championship Weekend. We would love to feature whatever event you have going on as well, so please email us at op@nullsignal.games OR direct message Orbital Tangent on Discord or Slack. We need time, location, and a short description of what your event will be all about!

Day 1 – October 7th – Netrunner Trivia Night

Tentative 6:45PM Start, 7:45PM End

Non-NSG Event Hosted by Eric Keilback aka Whiteblade111. We do not know Eric’s requirements for participation. We assume he will allow open entry, but we’ll direct you to him on the day just in case!

This event will have a sign-up sheet at the Check-In desk and will run 30 minutes after the conclusion of Crown of Servers. This is a team trivia event, pub trivia style. Join up in teams of 3 (maybe get your CoS team to join!) and collectively try and answer questions relating to Netrunner cards, lore and even past tournaments. The team who has the most correct questions at the end of the event wins prizes to spread out amongst their team.

All Days – October 7th to 9th – Gunslinging

Any Time

This event is open to anyone who has a ticket for any event on any day. It will not require an All Events Pass, and your opportunity to participate is not locked to the day of your main event.

If you find a Null Signal Games staff member and ask them for a game of Netrunner in any format, they may opt into considering it a ‘gunslinging’ match. This simply means that if you win, you may select a prize from our pool of available prizes at Tournament HQ. Keep an eye out for surprizes, and remember two things, 1) respect any staff member who declines a match for whatever reason, and 2) call a judge or other staff member over when you win so that we can verify the result.

All Days – October 7th to 9th – Side Event Pods

Tentative 10:30AM Registration, Variable Start/End Times

This event is open to anyone who has a ticket for any event on any day. It will not require an All Events Pass, and your opportunity to participate is not locked to the day of your main event.

There will be sign-up sheets for Standard, Startup, and Eternal side event pods at Tournament HQ. The concept is pretty simple: You sign up and once there’s six (6) other people signed up as well, we’ll announce the pod is ready. The pod will play three (3) rounds of Swiss, and then tell us the result. Everyone gets a participation prize, with special prizes to Top 2. Someone will have to lead the pod, tracking tournament results (we suggest by using cobr.ai).


  • Orbital_Tangent

    Null Signal Games' Organized Play Manager. Orbital Tangent is also a co-host of the Slumscast (Netrunner's OK-est podcast) and runs a yearly Minnesota tournament called Off The Grid (OTG).