Power To The People (Downfall Community Week Begins!)

Hey hey, runners! Not much from us today, as this week we hand you over to our beloved content creators – some of who were given some cards to reveal and review! They’ll be dropping at various times this week so keep an eye on their pages, feeds and whathaveyou; we’ll be posting links to them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (FB is at 999 likes at the time I write this, can we finish the day on four digits?) and I’ll provide a summary at the end of the week.

In alphabetical order, here’s where you will be able to find fresh, delicious scoops over the next 7 days…


Code Marvelous

Dead Channel

Métropole Grid

Remove and Discard


The Flatline

The Maker’s Eye


Trace Five

Also very excitingly, we now have a list of Store Championships on our website – some are missing where we’ve not heard from the TO yet, so check back often!

I’ll be back next Monday to introduce two new friends, so until then enjoy the scoops, and…

Always be running!


  • Serenity "SwearyPrincess" Westfield

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