SpecWork (Downfall Spoilers – Part 10 – ALL RUNNER CARDS!)

OK, runners – let’s not mess around. I know what you’re here for, you know what you’re here for so let’s just jack in and pump your brain full of delicious cards. Various NISEI people have commented on some of their favourites, which I’ve put in the mouse-over text (let’s hope that works)

Editor’s note, April 2020: Sadly, it did not work. Card commentary has been split into a separate article for increased readability. Read it here.

Here we go…

So there you go, all 30 Runner cards in Downfall.

There’s no plans for any scoops tomorrow, so you’ve 48 hours to start brewing up new runner decks – these are on NRDB right now – before you find out which Corp cards are gonna come in and wreck your plans because on Wednesday we show all of those off and then you will have no more scoops until Uprising Spoiler Season starts.


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