No need to run R&D to see what we’re cooking up. Here are the current projects in the Netrunner pipeline.

Any set names wrapped in quotation marks are design codenames. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with the content of the set, and they’ll be replaced with more appropriate names closer to release.

For details on what stage in production each upcoming set is, please visit our Product Status Page.

The Liberation Cycle

The Liberation Cycle is Null Signal Games’ third full cycle of Netrunner expansions. The first set, The Automata Initiative, is scheduled to release in Q3 2023. The design codename for this cycle was “Bell-Tower” until its official title announcement.

Liberation Cycle Fast Facts

Liberation set icon
Sabiá bird
  • Estimated release date: Set 1 The Automata Initiative released June 1, 2023, Set 2 Rebellion Without Rehearsal released March 18, 2024
  • Design codename: “Bell-Tower (🔔🗼)”
  • Sets: The Automata Initiative. Rebellion Without Rehearsal.
  • Size: 130 cards
  • Set symbol: Sabiá bird

Liberation Cycle Status

  • Design: Concept Locked
  • Development: Set 1 released, Set 2 released March 18, 2024.
  • Creative: Complete
  • Rules: Complete


“Dawn” (🌅) is the design codename for the set which will follow the Liberation Cycle. It will be a new foundational product, intended to replace System Update 2021 as the supplement and companion set to System Gateway.

Its release will trigger the rotation of System Update 2021, the Red Sand cycle, the Kitara cycle, Reign and Reverie, and the Magnum Opus pack.

To read more about “Dawn” and the reasons for its release and the accompanying rotation, click here.

“Dawn” Fast Facts

  • Estimated release date: Q4 2024
  • Design codename: Dawn (🌅)
  • Size: TBD
  • Set symbol: TBD

“Dawn” Status

  • Design: design ideation complete. v1 card list in progress.
  • Development: Initial v1 review in progress.
  • Creative: concept ideation (setting and narrative) complete.

Further Out

  • Piggy-Bank” (🐷🏦) will follow “Dawn”, as our fourth expansion cycle.
  • “Squid-Island” (🦑🏝️) will follow “Piggy-Bank”, as our fifth expansion cycle.
  • “Ghost-Dragon” (👻🐲) will follow “Squid-Island”, as our sixth expansion cycle.