No need to run R&D to see what we’re cooking up. Here are the current projects in the Netrunner pipeline.

Any set names wrapped in quotation marks are design codenames. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with the content of the set, and they’ll be replaced with more appropriate names closer to release.

For details on what stage in production each upcoming set is, please visit our Product Status Page.

The Borealis Cycle

The Borealis set symbol on a frosty white background

The Borealis Cycle is Null Signal Games’ second full cycle of Netruner expansions following the Ashes Cycle (Downfall and Uprising). It consists of two sets: Midnight Sun and Parhelion.

Borealis Cycle Fast Facts

Borealis cycle icon
Set icon is not final.
  • Design codename: “Bashes”
  • Sets: Midnight Sun and Parhelion
  • Size: Approximately 130 cards
  • Set symbol: Globe with ripple effect

Midnight Sun Status

Released July 22, 2022

Parhelion Status

Estimated release date: Not yet announced

  • Design: Complete
  • Development and Playtesting: Code-Complete
  • Creative: In progress
  • Rules: In progress


“Bell-Tower” is the codename for Null Signal Games’ third full cycle of Netrunner expansions, scheduled to release after the Borealis Cycle. “Bell-Tower” is a codename—neither the official name of the cycle nor the names of its constituent sets have yet been revealed.

“Bell-Tower” Fast Facts

Unrevealed image
Image not yet revealed.
  • Estimated release date: Not yet announced
  • Design codename: “Bell-Tower (🔔🗼)”
  • Sets: “Bell (🔔)” and “Tower (🗼)”
  • Size: Not yet announced
  • Set symbol: Not yet announced

“Bell-Tower” Status

  • Design: Early ideation
  • Development: In testing
  • Creative: Exploratory
  • Rules: Exploratory

Even Further Out

  • Piggy-Bank” (🐷🏦) will follow “Bell-Tower”, as our fourth expansion cycle.
  • “Squid-Island” (🦑🏝️) will follow “Piggy-Bank”, as our fifth expansion cycle.
  • “Ghost-Dragon” (👻🐲) will follow “Squid-Island”, as our sixth expansion cycle.