Rebellion Without Rehearsal Pronunciation Guide

We hope this pronunciation guide helps you pronounce the (mostly Brazilian Portuguese) words in Rebellion Without Rehearsal. If you find it easier to listen to words being pronounced, we suggest cutting and pasting the IPA into an IPA reader site and choosing to listen to Ricardo or Vitoria, the Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

We would very much like thank Igor “Rajatz” Mascarenhas, tozeos, Gustavo V. Vacilotto, Kely Michel Withington, David Withington and locks for helping us with this pronunciation guide and with the Liberation Cycle.

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Note: If you have come to this page because you are researching a particular culture or language, please seek out original and authoritative sources, rather than relying on this guide. It represents our best efforts, but does not replace your own research.

Card No.Card NameEnglish ApproximationInternational Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)Original Language
66Sebastião Souza Pessoase-bas-chee-AU SOW-zah pi-SU-ahsebaʃtʃiˈɐ̃w ˈso(w)zɐ pɨˈsoɐBrazilian Portuguese
71Boi-tatáboy-ta-TAboɪ̯taˈtaBrazilian Portuguese
73Arruaceiras Crewa-hwa-sEY-ra-saɦuasˈejɾɐsBrazilian Portuguese + English
75Manuel Lattes de Mourama-noo-EW l-A-tish djhee MOW-rahmanuˈɛw lˈatɨʃ d(ʒi) ˈmowɾɐBrazilian Portuguese
79Jeitinho JHEY-tchee-nyo ˈʒeitiɲo Brazilian Portuguese
81Malandragemma-lah-DRA-jhengmalɐ̃ˈdɾaʒẽjBrazilian Portuguese
84Juli Moreira LeeJHOO-lee mu-REY-ra LEEˈʒuli muˈɾejɾa liBrazilian Portuguese
90Lobisomemlo-bee-zO-menglobizˈõmẽjBrazilian Portuguese
93“Pretty” Mary da Silvadah SEEW-vahdɐ ˈsiwvɐEnglish + Brazilian Portuguese
93garotinha (in “Pretty” Mary da Silva’s flavour text)ga-ro-CHEE-nyagaɾotˈiɲaBrazilian Portuguese
95Valentina Ferreira Carvalhovah-leng-CHEE-na fe-HEY-ra kar-VA-lyovalẽ’t͡ʃiːnɐ fe’heɪɾɐ kaʁˈvaʎuBrazilian Portuguese
107Charlotte Caçadorka-sa-DORHkasaˈdoʁEnglish + Brazilian Portugese
109BotoBOH-tooˈbotuBrazilian Portuguese
115Janaína “JK” Dumont Kindelánjhah-na-EE-na DOO-mom kin-de-LAHNʒɐnaˈinɐ ‘dumom kinde’lɐ̃nBrazilian Portuguese and names from other langauges said in a Brazilian way
121Nuvem SAnOO-vengnˈuvẽjBrazilian Portuguese
129Isaac Liberdadeli-bear-DA-djheelibeʁˈdadʒiEnglish + Brazilian Portuguese