Liberation Cycle Content Notes

Listed below are specific content notes for cards appearing in the Liberation Cycle, currently consisting of the set The Automata Initiative. Some depictions may take place in a netspace/virtual setting and this is specifically indicated. All depictions otherwise take place in a meatspace/non-virtual setting.

This list is not exhaustive and should be considered a living document which is improved and expanded upon over time. It is intended to help current and prospective players make an informed choice about how to engage with this content.

Overall Cycle Themes

  • Armed conflict
  • Denial of Bodily Autonomy
  • Denial of Personhood
  • Ecological collapse
  • Enslavement
  • Kidnapping
  • Settler Colonialism
  • Surveillance Capitalism

In The Automata Initiative

Runner cards

CardContent Notes
The PriceDepiction of police violence. A person is being restrained by armored riot police. They are passing documents to another person and being pulled away.
◆ Solidarity BadgeImplied surveillance/stalking. A person stands in an alleyway. They are being observed at a distance by a couple of threatening figures. They are using a holographic display to call a contact for support.
◆ Hannah “Wheels” PilintraMotorcycle ridden without safety gear/helmet.
◆ Lago Paranoá ShelterOrnithophobia (aversion to birds), Ophidiophobia (aversion to snakes). Both are depicted non-theateningly as part of the menagerie at an animal sanctuary.
Chrysopoeian SkimmingOphidiophobia (aversion to snakes) (virtual). A character has a holographic, snake-like bracelet.
CurupiraPodophobia (aversion to feet) (virtual). A virtual mythical creature with notably backwards feet, part of a distinctive motif.
SaciOrnithophobia (aversion to birds), Chirophobia (aversion to hands) (virtual). Several virtual hands try to grasp a bird in mid-flight.
ShibbolethTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A series of repeating orbs stretches into the far distance.
Joy RideDepiction of police pursuit. Use of futuristic sports equipment without safety gear/helmet.
◆ LilyPADTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A computer console displaying layered grid patterns.
Living MuralRanidophobia (aversion to frogs/toads) (virtual). A brightly colored graffiti picture of a tree frog reaches out with a long, luminous tongue at a humanoid figure.
UmbrellaImplied police violence (virtual). A series of projectiles fly towards a barrier of yellow umbrellas.
Urban Art VernissageRanidophobia (aversion to frogs). Use of alcohol. A group of patrons and artists are attending an art launch event. Some are holding glasses of wine. One piece depicts a colorful frog.

Corp cards

CardsContent Notes
Salvo TestingExplosions. Bombs. Use of alcohol. Explosive munitions detonate on a firing range. A group of observers are drinking alcohol and the flavor text references this.
Stegodon MK IVMilitary equipment: Tank. A futuristic tank rolls over vehicles during a test run.
◆️ Wage WorkersImplied labor exploitation. Reference to alcohol (beer) in flavor text.
Ablative BarrierTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A virtual depiction of a repeating diamond grid pattern.
JaguarundiAilurophobia (aversion to cats) (virtual). A fearsome, jaguar-like creature menaces.
M.I.C.Military equipment: Firearms. Depictions of soldiers (virtual). Soldier-like figures sit at computer terminals in office cubicles, divided by weapon racks.
Greasing the PalmImplied corruption of officials. Implied kidnapping. Two figures in the background shake hands. It is implied that an Android is being taken against their will in the image and flavor text.
A Teia: IP RecoverySurveillance/Stalking. Trypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A control room with several figures displaying maps, photographs of people and a computer console displaying grid patterns.
Fujii Asset RetrievalSurveillance/Stalking. Implied Kidnapping. Implied security service violence. Figures in body armor are marching a group of white clad people out of an industrial complex. Flavor text references people not coming back.
◆ Front CompanyImplied kidnapping. Two people look scared and despondent as two employees are implied to be turning them in to corporate security services.
AttiniEntomophobia (aversion to insects). Myrmecophobia (aversion to ants) (virtual). A virtual column of ants marches around pitcher plants.
PhoneutriaKnife. Implied self-harm. Arachnophobia (aversion to spiders) (virtual). A virtual humanoid construct in a ballgown stands on a spiderweb. They are cutting their palm with a short knife with virtual, yellow, droplets hanging in the air.
Tatu-BolaTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns). Arachnophobia (aversion to spiders) (virtual). An armadillo-like construct sits in front of branching cactus plants with a possible spider-like appearance.
MindscapingImplied mental distress (virtual). A distorted image of five humanoid figures. Flavor text references an induced mental health crisis.
Epiphany Analytica: Nations UndividedReligious iconography.
Balanced CoverageDepiction of biased/unbalanced news reporting.
Behold!Trypophobia (aversion to repeated patterns). Ommetaphobia (aversion to eyes). Religious iconography (virtual). A threatening virtual depiction of a Biblical angel, a ring of eyes surrounds a humanoid figure.
Federal FundraisingUse of alcohol. Implied corruption of officials. A large corporate party at which several people are drinking alcohol. Flavor text implies corruption.
Starlit KnightPossible Religious iconography. Implied colonizer violence (virtual). A figure in medieval armor that could be comparable to that worn during the Crusades of the early-Medieval period.
Oppo ResearchImplied Stalking/Surveillance. An Augmented Reality display shows personal information about patrons of a cafe. They appear unaware they are being observed.
Your Digital LifeTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A virtual depiction of a repeating grid pattern.
Slash and Burn AgricultureDepiction of deliberate harm to ecosystems. A column of machinery cuts into a rainforest treeline.
Cybersand HarvesterDepection of deliberate harm to ecosystems (virtual). Two large mining rigs cut into the earth.
Tree LineTrypophobia (aversion to repeating patterns) (virtual). A virtual depiction of a repeating tree trunk pattern.
ValentãoFirearm. Implied gun violence. Implied murder (virtual). A large, angular humanoid figure points a gun at another cowering figure on the ground.
Armed Asset ProtectionImplied security service violence. Firearm. A group of heavily-armed figures in full body-armor deploys from an armored vehicle.
PivotPithecophobia (aversion to monkeys). Two monkeys gesture to each other, mocking a group of humans looking in confusion at a tall display.
◆ Angelique Garza CorreaFirearm. Implied gun violence. A person wearing a fedora and clothing resembling an old-west gunslinger looks down the scope on a sniper rifle.
◆ B-1001Implied physical threat. Implied violence. A tall synthetic humanoid grasps a terrified human by their clothing.

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