Welcome to Midnight Sun Previews

You’ve waited long enough! Previews for Midnight Sun begin today. Here’s what you need to know about this preview season.

Previews will begin here on NISEI.net, with a series of articles and fiction pieces introducing the new Runners of Midnight Sun and their mechanics. The first one is already here—go meet Esâ Afontov, Midnight Sun‘s insurrectionist Anarch, then check out our article about the new Anarch mechanic!

Runner previews and stories aren’t all you’ll find here, however: expect extra NISEI fiction, an update to the Standard Ban List, Corp identities, and more, all in the next two weeks. You’ll want to stay tuned!

For this preview season, we’re changing when our community content creators can share their previews. Rather than having a designated “Community Week,” as we have in the past, community previews begin today. Use our schedule below to know when and where to look—though there may be some surprise previews here and there that go unlisted on the calendar!

As cards are previewed, they will be added each day to the NetrunnerDB set page for Midnight Sun. Cards previewed on NISEI.net will go live on the card gallery the day after their preview, while community content creators’ preview cards will get two days of buffer before they’re uploaded. We want to share the love with the wonderful creators who are helping spread the word, so please check out their amazing Netrunner content!

For a quick link to various Midnight Sun preview articles, you can find the different tags we use here:

Preview Schedule

As there is no separate “Community Week” for this preview season, the following schedule covers both articles on NISEI.net and cards previewed by community content creators.

Monday, July 11

  • The Narrative team introduces the Anarch of Midnight Sun, Esâ Afontov, here on NISEI.net.
  • Lead Designer June Cuervo introduces the Anarch faction mechanic in a NISEI.net design article.

Tuesday, July 12

  • Another piece of NISEI fiction here on NISEI.net accompanies the introduction of Nyusha “Sable” Sintashta, the Criminal of the set.
  • June returns to the NISEI site to share the new Criminal mechanic.
  • Lostgeek drops into NISEI.net with the next update for the Standard Ban List.
  • Join Vesper on his channel for a livestream, with some hotly-anticipated Anarch cards making a guest appearance!

Wednesday, July 13

  • It’s Green Day on NISEI.net, starting with fiction introducing Captain Padma Isbister, Midnight Sun‘s Shaper identity!
  • June finishes off the series with a NISEI.net design article about the Shaper faction mechanic.

Thursday, July 14

  • The Corps finally have their day, with NISEI fiction pieces introducing the new Weyland and NBN identities and some key cards for each faction.
  • Retromancer join their first preview season, with some sinister Haas-Bioroid cards to reveal!

Friday, July 15

  • The Shadow Net take center stage with some exciting Weyland cards, including the Champion Card of a certain 2020 Asia-Pacific Continental Champion.

Saturday, July 16

  • Ysengrin unveils some of NBN’s new methods of surveillance and political manipulation.

Sunday, July 17

  • Sokka234 will take over to demonstrate some of Jinteki’s latest advances in murder!

Monday, July 18

  • An article on NISEI.net by Narrative Lead Anzekay introduces us to the objectively most adorable of Runner cards, and talks about the work that went into Midnight Sun‘s lore and their hopes and goals for the future.
  • Andrej spins up The Métropole Grid hype machine to introduce us to some dastardly new tricks Criminals gain access to.

Tuesday, July 19

  • The Slumscast are finally doing an Akamatsu MemChip segment, with an entire episode dedicated exclusively to their favourite faction – Shapers!

Wednesday, July 20

  • Doomrat from the Borealis Cycle playtester team will be taking over NISEI.net with an article about the set’s development, including a preview of a card that was designed by the playtesters.
  • For those looking for educational and edifying content, Sanjay will be hosting a stream on the science of the midnight sun, with some previews for the more attentive students!

In addition to the above, keep an eye out for various single-card previews appearing in various labyrinthine servers around the Net. We have spoilers being released by the top 4 finalists of the 2021 World Championship, by former champions whose card designs are in Midnight Sun, and by some unexpected content creators! In addition, each of the main Netrunner online communities will receive their own exclusive preview card, one of which you may have already seen!

Midnight Sun will be released on Friday, July 22, 2022. It will be immediately available for print-and-play and physical purchase through our print-on-demand partners. We’ll have more information about the release as it gets closer.

We’re excited to finally share Midnight Sun with you. Rig up and get ready.


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