Special Offer! (2019/02)

We’re happy to announce that the new Q2 Game Night Kits are now available for order! If you’ve been following the spoilers, you know what’s coming — some gorgeous alt art cards, and a stunning new mat featuring a new card called [redacted]. Okay, okay, it’s not really called [redacted], that was just us being clever, but we’re so excited for you to see these cards, we had to let the art for one out in the wild a little early! We’ve stepped up our game even further with this kit, and are thrilled to show off the stunning art of Martin de Diego Sádaba, Agri Karuniawan, and Jakuza.

As per usual for NISEI kits, these are intended for whatever Casual-tier play you’d like to put them towards – hold an Eternal tournament, run a Standard League, corral some new players and throw them into a Core Experience showdown. Buy multiple kits and run several events, or combine them for one event that has extra prizes! Buy one for yourself! Buy one for your cyberpunk-obsessed grandmother! Whatever you’d like to do, we’re here to support it, by providing a kit full of prizes with high quality, useful cards and a stunning new playmat. Please refer to our recently updated Event Kit Policies for more information on how you might use this kit.

For your US$30, you’ll receive:

  • 17x gorgeous copies of the alt art IPO, with art by Martin de Diego Sádaba that features everyone’s “favorite,” Laramy Fisk and Melange Mining Co.’s own bearded charmer, Yuri Talunik
  • 4x also-gorgeous copies of the alt art Security Nexus, with art by Agri Karuniawan, featuring Worlds’ Greatest Mom Sunny Lebeau frantically bypassing some ice  or maybe just trying to avoid getting tagged
  • 1x yes-this-is-gorgeous-too copy of the new playmat, with art by Jakuza, featuring a card to appear in the upcoming Ashes release. Let’s just say that playing with this playmat might bring you good fortune…

As suggested by you, we now also have a “cards-only” version of the kit available for smaller metas. As the name implies, this has the same cards and quantities but without a playmat, and also ships for free worldwide. It is priced at US$15.

You can purchase the full Q2 kit right here and the “cards-only” version here.

Both versions ship for free worldwide.

Before you place your order, please make sure your shipping address associated with your PayPal account is correct!

This is the address we will ship your kit to. If you’ve already ordered and need to change an address, please email us via info@nullsignal.games ASAP.

As soon as you click “Continue” on PayPal’s website, your order will be placed. You will not receive a confirmation email from nullsignal.games – your PayPal confirmation will serve as your receipt. Also note that kits will be assembled and sent out as soon as possible, but please wait at least two weeks before contacting us regarding an order that has not yet shipped. When each GNK is shipped, you will receive an email notification of the shipment. Sales are open now, and will stay open until April 14, 2019 (23:59 UTC).

Also, please don’t forget that NISEI operates as a not-for-profit; the money you spend on these kits directly supports our project: funding artwork, prize support, web hosting, and more. If you’re interested in continuing to support us financially in other ways, don’t forget about our Patreon! We’re very appreciative for all the support the community has given us so far.


  • Vesper

    Vesper wrote articles, conducted interviews, recorded streams, manipulated graphics, translated cards and rules, fought customs, sent out a ton of prize support around Europe, and did a few other things to keep the game you're reading about going and the community enjoying it happy. He hopes one day he can do something similarly fun - involving you!