Regarding Worlds 2021

The time has come that, with a heavy heart, we have to announce that NISEI Worlds 2021 will be held online once more. When then-Organised Play Manager Austin wrote this article in May about this year’s tournaments, he said:

We want very badly to host an in-person event in Toronto, but we recognize the chances of that being possible and safe are not looking great. If there is one thing that the last few years have taught us all, it’s that the future is unpredictable and nobody knows what the world will look like in November, so we are currently planning to run an online-only event as we did last year.

This remains true. We received your feedback, and even though responses were mixed, the community’s feeling of safety will always be a priority. Therefore, Worlds 2021 will be an online event.

Dates, prize support and other information related to NISEI’s 2021 World Championship will be announced after Continentals have passed. As previously announced, this year’s World Championship has been postponed to November.

We are truly thankful for the understanding, compassion and patience the community has shown during these weird times, and we look forward to sharing a real space with you all as soon as possible, but for that to happen, we need to be cautious now.

Have a good summer. We’ll see you soon!


  • PsK

    PsK is Null Signal Games' former Organised Play Manager. Since she loves to organise things and to play Netrunner, she'd say things turned out pretty well for her.